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Shaping your school's digital future
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Digital school: Shaping transformation together

Entering the digital world doesn't have to be complicated, it can even be exciting and enriching. Together, we set sails for your digitalization project in just a few steps. The goal: a roadmap that is individually tailored to the needs of your school. We help you to keep track of the action plan as well as all milestones of your digitization journey.

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Welcome to the hybrid classroom

With us, education becomes genius - because we redefine the way we learn. Experts in strategy, technology and content offer over 25 years of experience in the education sector. Together, they work hand in hand to provide schools with holistic and customized solutions - worldwide.

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High-performance tools and technologies

Reliable and secure technologies transforming the classroom and enabling learning opportunities for all.

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Our quality promise

Thanks to state-of-the-art teaching technology, we verifiably ensure sustainable learning success.

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Unlimited teaching and learning

Analog, digital or hybrid: teaching anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Learning trends, success stories & podcasts

#7 Digitalization of Child and Adult Education

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imc Education

Why do we need digital lessons?

Digital lessons is here to stay, not only since COVID-19. We have checked some related numbers and present them in a infographic.
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E-Learning Punk

Virtual classroom: Let blackboard and teacher's desk shine in new splendour

Find out how a virtual classroom works, what you should pay attention to and which providers offer virtual classrooms software.
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E-Learning Punk

Dr. Fabian Kempf: The specialist for virtual classrooms in our Punky Talk

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imc Education

Go-Lab premium: free of charge

Go-Lab is a web-based platform that combines interactive online experiments with classic classroom teaching. Diana Dikke, Innovation Project Manager at imc, has summarized the most important information.
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We are part of several national and regional programmes that actively support the digitalisation of schools.

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imc Innovation Labs
The imc Innovation Labs contributes to national and international research projects.
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We are striving to expand our commitment in Germany to other countries as well. Stay tuned!
Resources for digital education
pdf – 1.26 MB

Factsheet digital school

Take your digital school to the next level.
pdf – 3.65 MB

Infographic of the month – September

Five basic rules for virtual teaching
pdf – 2.56 MB

Infographic of the month – August

Why digital teaching?
Dates & Events
Webinar Digital Learning Journey (language: German)
Webinar Digital Learning Journey (language: German)
Education Insights

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Get to know the imc myEducation products and solutions

Contact us and meet our imc myEducation team.

Helko Lehmann
Dr. Helko Lehmann
Head of Research
[email protected]
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Dr. Mareike Schmidt
Senior Research Professional
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Diana dikke portrait
Diana Dikke
Innovation Project Manager
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Rola Sayegh
Research Project Manager
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Dr. Uta Schwertel
Senior Research Manager
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Ansprechpartner imc_Samandar Atoev
Samandar Atoev
Project Manager
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