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Custom e-learning content for enterprise

What do we mean by custom e-learning content for enterprise? Fully bespoke corporate training that your learners will love!
Our enterprise learning philosophy

Experiences that your learners will love

Training should not feel like training. That's our philosophy for creating premium custom e-learning content for enterprise.


It's also why our team of experts uses various techniques, such as engaging storytelling, high-quality online training, exciting videos, 3D-landscapes, and immersive AR/VR experiences, to create compelling learning experiences that your employees will love.


Custom e-learning content for enterprise: We even turn compliance training into a game!

Custom e-learning content: custom-made for you

We don't just fill a template with your content, we create learning experiences from scratch to match your company's culture and brand. This way, your learners will have a seamless experience throughout their workday.


Whether it's videos, learning cards, web-based training, gamification or blended learning – we find the format that best fits your needs and learning culture.

Premium content for premium learning outcomes

Our concept designers, visual and motion designers, 3D-developers, and videographers work alongside your dedicated Project Managers, Quality Assurance, and a Learning Consulting Team.


Our experts cooperate closely to deliver on and exceed your company's the e-learning content requirements. The benefit to you: a long-term collaboration and everything delivered all from a single source – for the fast and smooth delivery holistic learning experiences.


And that's also why we've won so many awards over the years. Our customers always come back to us for more!

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Custom e-learning content for enterprise

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What is custom e-learning content for enterprise?

Custom e-learning content is digital content and courses developed for specific enterprise training, learning and development. It can take many forms, such as online training, games, videos, quizzes, digital learning cards, and much more.

What's the difference between custom content and off-the-shelf content?

Off-the-shelf content delivers training in topic areas that are relevant to many different organisations, e.g. compliance or data protection. This content is not adapted to the brand of the particular organisations. Custom content is tailor-made for the organisation and perfectly adapted to the company's culture, digital infrastructure, purpose and learning needs.

What are the available formats, and which is best for our company?

There are many different formats, from online training to games, videos, quizzes, digital learning cards and more. Our team has many years of experience and will help you choose the right format for your learners.

Are there any customer case studies that show examples of imc's content solutions?

We work with many different clients and most of them come back to us when they need new content. You can see some of our projects here.

How much does e-learning content cost?

The costs depend on the scope of the project. Get in touch with us via the form below for a free consultation.

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