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Learning Nuggets
A little bit of knowledge

Learning Nuggets - A little bit of knowledge

Why Learning Nuggets are particularly suitable for classroom planning

On the way home, while waiting for friends or during the break: Many students automatically pull out their smartphones to pass the time. They often send WhatsApp messages, scroll through Instagram while lost in thought or watch TikTok videos. So instead of having to repeat lessons at home, why not use this waiting time to absorb information in a meaningful way?   

The solution: Small learning nuggets to repeat the essentials. What has already proven successful in many companies in the context of professional development, can also be used in the classroom. We have compiled the most important facts about learning nuggets.  

We have compiled the most important facts about Learning Nuggets and summarised them in an infographic, which is also available for free download.

Learning Nuggets imc My Digital School

Infographik of the Month: Learning Nuggets - A little bit of knowledge 

Download and further information

The info graphic you can download for free as PDF.


Rock 'n' roll in the virtual classroom

Not only carrying heavy schoolbooks is a thing of the past in the digital space. The flexible, location-independent teaching and learning, as well as the learning of digital skills definitely belong on the "pro" list as well. Enough arguments for E-Learning Punk to take a closer look at the topic of "virtual classrooms".

School Child uses laptop against chalkboard background with drawings

LMS in schools: What constitutes a good learning platform?

There are many ways to use an LMS, but the questions arise: Which functions are really important? What should schools look for when introducing an LMS? We have summarised the most useful functions.

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