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We regularly publish e-books, guides and other helpful materials as well as webinars recordings to help you drive your e-learning strategy. Feel free to browse through our resources on various e-learning topics.

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RfP requirements template
Launching your new LMS: 4 priorities, 10 steps.

Do you need to improve or find the right Learning Management System for your organisations? Download this guide to ease your journey to find the right system.

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Competency Based Learning
Competency-Based Learning is the learning concept for the digital age

Technical innovations and agile product development are changing the way people work. Competency-Based Learning will master these challenges.

Gamification E-Book
Gamification: Five steps to increase motivation to learn

How to motivate your learners for training content and achieve great effects with game-based elements.

Conversational Learning
The Power of Conversational Learning: Chatbots in the Workplace

Find out why Conversational Learning is the solution of choice for further education activities in modern work contexts.

Extended Enterprise: Training Concept For External Target Groups

We show you how to efficiently address the challenges of training organization and delivery in an extended enterprise approach to achieve competitive advantages.


Learn how to properly use and combine the different learning channels for onboarding new employees to ensure an effective hybrid onboarding for exceptional employees' experience.

Compliance management and employee training

We show you how to efficiently organise your compliance and employee training with the help of a learning management system.

Guide to Validation
How to master the validation of your learning management system

The guide outlines the most important steps to optimize the tools and processes and explains on what you should pay attention when validating your learning management system.

Conversational Learning
Webinar on 18 September 2019
Conversational Learning: How to enhance the learning journey with Chatbots

Stop one-way conversations and boring training with generic content: Download this webinar to learn, how you can engage your learners by offering training that looks and feels like a natural conversation: personal, straight to the point, and fun.

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Webinar on 12 December 2019
Competency-Based Learning: A different perspective on learning

In our webinar you will learn more about the differences between Competency-Based Learning and conventional learning methods, how L&D people should react to this trend and how modern technologies and content can support a competency focus.

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Webinar on 29 April 2020
Fast & Effective Onboarding for New or Repurposed Employees

Download this webinar to get insights and practical tips to explore newer and faster ways of onboarding when organisations face constraints that have never been experienced before.

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Webinar on 10 June 2020
Fostering a Culture of Informal Learning

Transforming organisations’ learning culture through informal learning has become more prevalent as many employees will see that their existing skills and competencies are outdated. Listen to this webinar to understand the importance of informal learning.

e-learning analytics
Webinar on 28 July 2020
Redefining Learning Analytics in the New Normal

The majority of organisations that have adopted a learning management platform struggle to link learner skills, performance and financial data. Watch this webinar to find out how to improve employee performance and broader business outcomes using a learning analytics dashboard.

Webinar on 9 Sept 2021
Digitising Your Organisation's Knowledge

Efficiently producing content by utilising the knowledge of internal subject matter experts is a powerful way to maximise cost savings in content creation. This webinar addressed overcoming the obstacles to expanding the organisation’s e-learning modules as fast as possible with minimum investment.

extended enterprise illustration
Webinar on 11 Nov 2021
Training Your External Business Partners

In this webinar, we discussed the benefits of implementing a multi-tenancy Learning Management System (LMS) to improve the knowledge and skills of business partners, align them closely with your company’s business goals, follow processes and guidelines, and meet the quality, security or safety standards your company’s or your industry requires.

graphics from cyber crime time game
Webinar on the 17th October 2023
Training in IT Security Awarness

In this webinar, we discussed different cyber crime scenarios and how our training can playfully improve the cyber security awareness of your employees.