Infographik Secure Passwords
Secure passwords
The essentials of data security

Secure passwords

Why strong passwords are so important for data security

What do logging into your terminal device, accessing your social media profile or creating an email address have in common? Right, the login process always requires a username and, more importantly, a password.


For pupils, this has long been part of normality as they grow up as Generation Z in the digital age. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook and others, as well as smartphones and tablets, are part of their everyday lives and are in constant use. But they are not always aware of the dangers that an insecure password can cause. Hackers often only need a few minutes to crack passwords and thus gain access to the personal data of young people.


In terms of data security, it is therefore important to pay attention to secure passwords. Therefore, we provide valuable tips on how young people in particular can be sensitised to the topic of passwords and what a strong password should look like.

Interesting Facts

  • Every 39 seconds there is a cyber attack  
  • A 6-character password consisting only of lower case letters can be cracked in 6.8 seconds.  
  • > 3.2 billion email password combinations were released through data leaks in 2021 

We have summarised the most important information on the subject of passwords in an infographic, which is also available for free download.

Infographik Secure Passwords

Infographik of the Month: Secure passwords – The essentials of data security

Download and further information

The info graphic you can download for free as PDF.


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