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Automated elearning creation

Free up your organisation's time,

talents and expertise with imc Express


The AI-driven authoring tool that automates 80% of your elearning creation

Experience lightning-fast elearning creation with our intelligent authoring tool, empowering effortless content production in over 70 languages within minutes.

Intuitively easy

Accessible for all content creators, from interns to CEOs, with no course design or training expertise needed.

Time savings

Automated design and AI-generated content reduce your course creation workload by 80%.

Instant translations

Translate your training content into 70+ languages at the click of a button.

Why imc Express for elearning creation

imc Express is a smart, scalable and cost-efficient alternative to traditional authoring tools for enterprise elearning
Traditional tools
  • Limited to content experts and require training
  • Made for complex elearning content
  • Lengthy and costly outsourcing of translation/localisation
  • Difficult and complex to publish as LMS files

Average time to create content:

4 weeks

imc Express
  • So simple, anyone in your organisation can use it
  • Automated layouts and design for engaging content in line with your brand
  • One-click translations into 70+ languages
  • Courses exported to SCORM, PENS, HTML or instantly accessible via a link or QR code

Average time to create content:

10 minutes


Let AI do 80% of the elearning creation work

Powerful automation built into imc Express gives your content creators unrivalled efficiency to help you scale your training programmes at speed.

Generate multilingual content at a click

Produce and update elearning content in 70+ languages from a single source – eliminate the effort and expense of external translation agencies.

Empower everyone across your organisation

Give your whole team the power to create on-brand and interactive learning content with minimal training.
Time is money. imc Express saves us money because it doesn't require a learning curve and it streamlines the creation of e-learning content.
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
Hansgrohe SE
With imc Express, content can be created quickly and easily using AI
Mario Kopic
Specialist digital learning
imc Express is the single most impressive user generated content platform I have seen ever.
Nick Matheson-Smith
Five NZ
imc Express allows you to get training content in your learner’s hands fast. Not in a matter of months or weeks, but hours.
Mikkel Hansen
CEO & Co-founder
With imc Express we can create animated learning content easily and quickly from a PowerPoint presentation.
Sanitas Management AG
It enables any IT-savvy employee to quickly create varied and interactive e-learnings.
BAWAG Insurance AG
Our trainers can generate learning content without extensive training or prior knowledge. It is intuitive and fast.
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH
imc Express is the ideal tool to easily transform written content into digital learning units. It's simple and straightforward. Ltd.
Teams can create their own professional web-based trainings resulting in cost savings of 90% versus external creation.
Michael Fehrenbach,
Associate Director IT-Specialist for Content Solutions - Intranet and E-Learning Bank
Vontobel AG

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This tool is 3 to 4 times quicker to create learning content than the market leaders.
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