imc Infographic Serious Games
Serious Games
How successful games are in the classroom

Serious games and gamification as learning boosters

Data, facts, figures: This is how successful games are in the classroom

When looking at digital games in learning contexts, one quickly stumbles upon the term "serious games". This refers to games that not only serve as entertainment, but also have another, "serious" purpose - namely, that something is to be learned. Knowledge or skills are thus imparted through playful actions. They are suitable both live in the classroom and for the preparation and follow-up of learning units.


Active and explorative learning is used increasingly in schools, as it enhances motivation and the joy of learning. But not all teachers have recognised the potential of serious games and gamification. After all, the use of digital games or gamification elements in the classroom can certainly be seen as a learning booster.


To draw attention to the potential of gamification and serious games in the teaching context, we embarked on a search for a few facts. In our latest infographic, we have compiled survey results that show whether gamified learning is perceived as an effective method and how students in particular rate their learning success.


imc Infographic Serious Games

Infographik of the Month: Serious games and gamification as learning boosters  

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