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”E-Learning Brunch” is a podcast about digitalisation and learning. Every two months, podcast host Kenny interviews a new, exciting person that is an expert, pioneer or trendsetter in the digital training world. The podcast is made for human resource and learning gourmets, leaders, innovation managers and those who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the time. We are on point when it comes to learning and training. Every episode is about 30 - 60 minutes. We invite you to take a short break, listen to our show and select some of the information highlights for yourself from our learning buffet.

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E-Learning Brunch Podcast Host Kenneth Littlepage

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Kenneth Littlepage
Project Manager

I’ve been working at imc since 2014 first as a project manager in content and now as the project manager officer for the LMS department. My goal for this podcast is to provide a fun and interesting format for bringing e-learning to beginners and professionals alike. Outside of work I’m an avid activities person, in part due to my dog “Romeo” who is always ready to go, and of course I love to find and try new breakfast places. Pancakes, anyone? If you have any feedback on the podcast just drop me a line at kenneth.littlepage@im-c.com.

E-Learning podcast episodes

#3: Virtual Reality
Photo of Christian Glessner

With part one and two of our podcast going through a progression from “How to make e-learning entertaining” and the second podcast looking into “Gamification” as a methodology we now turn to technology in the form of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR). Joining the podcast will be the VR hero and CEO of Hololux Christian Glessner. Christian is leading the charge into the applications of VR and AR together with prominent industry leaders. Christian impart his vision and understanding of what he considers to be then “next level of communication”.

Interview guest: Christian Glessner, Hololux | Duration: 39:55 min.

#2: Gamification
Photo of Roman Rackwitz

Following up on the first “E-Learning Brunch” podcast and “How to make e-learning entertaining” host Kenny turns to “Gamification”. Guest and Gamification Hero Roman Rackwitz takes us on a deep dive in the Gamification sea of knowledge. Roman has already established himself as one of the goto personalities in Gamification and provides Kenny with a completely new and engrossing vision of gamification.

Interview guest: Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab | Duration: 51:40 min.

#1: Cartoons in learning
E-Learning Brunch Olaf Encke e-learning podcast

In the first episode “E-Learning Brunch”, host Kenny will find out how to make e-learning entertaining. Therefore, he talks with Olaf Encke, founder of Inkarnatoons. Inkarnatoons is specialized in illustrations, animations, and cartoons for different media. Kenny already has worked with Olaf during different e-learning projects. Olaf explains the difference between illustrations, animations, and cartoons. He points out the advantages of these formats compared to real characters and gives some tips for the use of illustrations and animations in learning.

Interview guest: Olaf Encke, Inkarnatoons | Duration: 32:11 min.

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German podcast: “E-Learning Inc.”

Started in 2019, “E-Learning Inc.” is the official German imc podcast. Host Vanessa talks with experts about topics like future of work, social learning and virtual teamwork.