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Debunking learning myths

In this episode of the Learning Curve, Kenny dives deep into the world of myths – learning myths. Thanks to the extraordinary insights of his fascinating guest, Dr Kuva Jacobs, Kenny busts and disproves popular myths about learning live on the podcast.   


Just because certain, attractive ideas about how people learn are widely shared and propagated, that doesn't mean they're entirely accurate. When it comes to common learning theories, such as The Learning Pyramid and different learning styles, Kuva shows Kenny from a researched and analytical point of view see that there is perhaps more to the story.   


Taking learning myths literally can be damaging because they don't give us the complete picture even if they do contain a valid message. This episode of the podcast is essential listening for L&D managers, learning experts, and enterprise learning professionals.  

Podcast Vol. 01 (2023) | Duration: 42:02 min.
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Debunking Learning Myths: Dr Kuva Jacobs

Dr Kuva Jacobs 

Kuva is a co-founder of Emergent Learning, a specialist learning consultancy that assists organisations to build capability, improve performance and solve complex business problems by applying evidence-based approaches derived from the learning sciences. Kuva has a PhD in mathematics and manages the Learning Myth Busters group on LinkedIn. 

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Kenneth Littlepage
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I've been a part of the imc team since 2014, starting as a project manager in content and now serving as the project manager officer for our #1 enterprise LMS. My aim with this podcast is to provide a captivating and enjoyable format for learning, geared towards both beginners and professionals. I enjoy exploring new industry trends and trying on different perspectives. If you have any feedback on the podcast, reach out to me anytime at [email protected]. I'd very much love to hear from you! 

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