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What can we learn from space technology for remote training?

The accessibility and affordability of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) training is a future game-changer. What used to be the preserve of government agencies like NASA is now available to the business and corporate world.

In this episode, Kenny talks with Peter Clowes, the founder of MAXART, a leading VR/AR training technology company, to find out what learning & development managers can learn from the training of astronauts.

NASA's use of ground-breaking technologies and its investment in highly skilled people gives us fascinating insight into the potential of future of enterprise learning. In particular, companies need to consider how to improve remote training and the benefits of cross-disciplinary training in developing well-rounded individuals with diverse skills. This episode of the podcast is definitely one not to be missed!


The interview also highlights the significance of affinity groups within Amazon, which unite people with shared interests across different business units, fostering a sense of community. This insightful episode of the Learning Curve is not to be missed! 

Podcast Vol. 03 (2023) | Duration: 67:14 min.
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Peter Clowes

Peter Clowes

Peter is the CEO and founder of MAXART, one of Australia's leading VR/AR training technology companies. He is also the director and co-founder of Raytracer, a space and defence-focused SME that developed a world-first Neutral Buoyancy VR technology. 

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