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Cartoons in Learning – How to make learning entertaining

In the first episode “E-Learning Brunch”, host Kenny asks himself: “How to make e-learning entertaining?” To get an answer to this question, he talks with Olaf Encke, founder of Inkarnatoons, about animations and illustrations. Olaf explains the difference between these content types and gives some tips for creating learning experiences that make the learning experience less obvious as such.

Podcast Vol. 1 (2020) | Duration: 32:11 min.
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E-Learning Brunch Olaf Encke e-learning podcast

Olaf Encke

Together with his wife, Olaf has founded the Berlin-based agency Inkarnatoons, that is specialized in illustrations, animations, and cartoons for different media. Kenny already has worked with Olaf for different imc e-learning projects.

E-Learning Brunch Podcast Host Kenneth Littlepage

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Kenneth Littlepage

Project Manager

I’ve been working at imc since 2014 first as a project manager in content and now as the project manager officer for the LMS department. My goal for this podcast is to provide a fun and interesting format for bringing e-learning to beginners and professionals alike. Outside of work I’m an avid activities person, in part due to my dog “Romeo” who is always ready to go, and of course I love to find and try new breakfast places. Pancakes, anyone? If you have any feedback on the podcast just drop me a line at [email protected].