imc Job-Slot
Unique people. Random questions.

imc Job-Slot

Unique people. Random questions.

What does a Project Management Officer actually do? Or a motion designer? What does a trainee learn in New Media?

Well, we can't answer these questions in a general way, but we can explain to you what they do in our company.

Random questions, regular new faces and professions: that's imc's job slot.

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Unique people. Random questions.

Many job titles today are so complicated that nobody really knows what they are all about anymore. We bring light into the darkness and introduce a job and of course the person who does it every month from now on.

From Saarbrücken to Melbourne, from Sibiu to Zurich, employees from all locations have their say. Different areas, diverse backgrounds, positions and professional experiences, everything is represented. The questions? Randomly selected from our list of questions.

thumbnail Job Slot Ravi
The crazy tech guy who wanted to be a Formula 1 driver

A little crazy, but also desperately in love with the LMS: That's Ravi Tandon, Customer Success Manager at imc Australia. He tells why he made the LMS his girlfriend and why he didn't become a Formula 1 driver.

thumbnail job slot internal it
A Fine Line Between Genius and Madness: A Day in the Life of an IT- System Administrator

Q: What do you get if you combine technical savvy with the patience of a saint and a willingness to help? A: The perfect system administrator. In other words, someone like Raffael Willems, Head of Internal IT at imc.

thumbnail job slot Olli
The rise of Mr. Hilarious – From a small garage start-up to Managing Director at imc

No. We’re not talking a Hollywood script for a new Vince Vaughn comedy. We’re telling the story of a Managing Director at imc Austria.

featured image job slot teamwork
Teamwork makes the team work: A Technical Consultant debunks the myth of the Hermit Techi

Hermit Techis? No way! We spoke to a Technical Consultant who debunks this myth and tells us what you need in his job.

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