imc Job-Slot
Unique people. Random questions.

imc Job-Slot

Unique people. Random questions.

What does a Project Management Officer actually do? Or a motion designer? What does a trainee learn in New Media?

Well, we can't answer these questions in a general way, but we can explain to you what they do in our company.

Random questions, regular new faces and professions, that's imc's job slot.

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Unique people. Random questions.

Many job titles today are so complicated that nobody really knows what they are all about anymore. We bring light into the darkness and introduce a job and of course the person who does it every month from now on.

From Saarbrücken to Melbourne, from Sibiu to Zurich, employees from all locations have their say. Different areas, diverse backgrounds, positions and professional experiences, everything is represented. The questions? Randomly selected from our list of questions.

From Mad Men to Math Men

"I love the combination of creativity and analysing data", says Marketing Brand Manager Gijs from imc London. Find out more about him, Mad Men, why he calls himself a nerd and his all-time guilty pleasure.

Visual Designer at work
Bringing ideas to life

From fraud prevention in comic look through data living in a 3D world to animated product training: As a visual designer, Maren Steinlen creates a suitable e-learning approach for any topic.

Conductors of the Software Orchestra

Mostly the hidden champions behind the scenes but actually the conductors of the software: That is how Product Manager Lia from Sibiu explains her job. She is resposnible for imc's main product, the imc Learning Suite.

Media design: Apprenticeship or degree?

Apprenticeship or degree? What's better? Vanessa Pesch also faced these question after having finished school.

In the job slot she tells, why she decided for an apprenticeship in imc's content team and which skills are most important for her job.

Thumbnail Michele Chiascione
From the film industry to Business Consulting

From Computer Science to Marketing Management, over to Audio-visual Production, the Film Industry and now Business Consulting.

The career path from Michele Chiascione was quite unusal. Learn more in the latest job slot interview.

Daily business: Treasure hunter

"I'm like a treasure hunter digging for the gold-nuggets in our system", says Ivana Lee from the Singapore office.

She told about her experiences as Managing Director Asia and what is different when working for a German company.

job slot: instructional designer
Career hoppers welcome

Conceptual or instructional designer, editor for digital learning: there are many names for his job.

In this interview Philipp tells us what he really does and why he needs a lot of tact and diplomacy for some clients.

job slot: sales vertrieb
Successful together

Team members who support each other and celebrate successes together: That is very important for Sales Consultant Vildan from Switzerland. More about  how he came to sales and how he spends his free time in the interview.

job-slot project management officer
It's all about the team

"There are certain skills you should have for my job - and then there is what I bring on the table". In the video interview of the job slot, Project Management Officer Kenny talks about what he means by this, what he has learned himself during his career and what role his team plays for him.

Photo of Michael Schlothauer
Developing tomorrows learning

What does the future of learning look like? How can learning be fun and individual? Michael has been pursuing these questions at imc for 11 years now. In the job slot he gives some answers and exciting insights into his everyday life.

Photo of Ioana Precu
More than a notorious nagger

Only notorious naggers work in quality assurance? Not at all! In the new article of the job slot, QA specialist Ioana explains what icebergs have to do with her daily work, how she actually got to her job and what you need for it.

Photo of Sim Kaur
Software developers are also just human

Software developers are also just human, like Sim. She came to Australia from India and works for imc in Melbourne. We talked about her daily work, cultural differences and personal role models.

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I have been working in the imc Marketing & Communication team since March 2019.


I am passionate about communication, creative content and social media. I live by the motto: “KISS – Keep it short and simple!”

Explaining complex content in simple terms and making e-learning accessible to everyone are challenges that make every day exciting.


In my time off, I like to read, play poker and travel a lot. 

I am always happy to receive feedback or suggestions: 

[email protected].

Photo of Nadine Kreutz
Nadine Kreutz
Communication Manager