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Success in Sales – without elbow mentality

Friendly, helpful and enthusiastic about football: that's what characterises Sales Consultant Vildan Ljatifi from imc's Swiss office.

In the video interview of the job slot, Vildan tells how he came to work in sales, what the special features of working in Switzerland are, and how the team successfully work together to find new leads smoothly.

We have divided the interview with Vildan into several sections. The video is in German but with English subtitles.

The whole video in full length you can watch here. Enjoy listening and watching!

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Job | Sales Consultant
Works in | Zurich, Switzerland
At imc since| 2017
Superpower | willingness to help
Favourite food | Spaghetti Pesto

What is a Sales Consultant?

How did you come into sales?

What makes work at imc special, compared to other companies?

What do your colleagues especially like about you?

Do you like people who are like you?

How important is further education for you and what are you doing for it?

What is the best way for you to relax after a stressful day at work?

Describe your team in 3 words!

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Software developers are also just human, like Sim. She came to Australia from India and works for imc in Melbourne.

We talked about her daily work, cultural differences and personal role models.


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imc Job Slot: Unique people. Random questions.

Random questions, regularly new faces and jobs – that's the job slot of imc.


I have been working in the imc Marketing & Communication team since March 2019.


I am passionate about communication, creative content and social media. I live by the motto: “KISS – Keep it short and simple!”

Explaining complex content in simple terms and making e-learning accessible to everyone are challenges that make every day exciting.


In my time off, I like to read, play poker and travel a lot. 

I am always happy to receive feedback or suggestions: [email protected].

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Nadine Kreutz
Communication Manager