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imc Learning Suite
A learning management system with endless possibilities
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Boost your business with imc's enterprise learning management system

Managen sie problemlos jegliches noch so anspruchsvolles Lernszenario von digitalem Training, Compliance Learning, Vertriebsqualifizierung bis hin zu smarten Lernpfaden, die durch künstliche Intelligenz unterstützt werden.

Icon representing 360 Degrees
360° learning management

All learning scenarios and learning formats bundled in a single system. 

Icon representing Flexible
Flexible extensions

Adaptable, configurable, scalable. A system that fully adapts to your processes. 

Icon representing save and integrated
Security and integrations 

Made for any infrastructure. For learning ecosystems of the next generation. 


Learning Experience

Imagine having a learning management system that learners love using: The development of the imc Learning Suite is based on user-centric design for perfect learning experiences. Users decide which learning path to take and how to access it – mobile, online, offline, on the internet or through an app. 


imc learning suite lms learning management system
imc learning suite lms learning management system

Efficient administration

Imagine your corporate learning strategy virtually implemented itself: The target groups of your training courses are created automatically, workflows guide learners through extensive learning paths and you receive automated reports on all activities in the LMS. Complete your tasks faster and more efficient than ever. 

imc learning suite lms learning management system

From compliance training to AI-supported learning paths

Imagine processing all learning processes on a single learning platform: You automate compliance processes and recertifications. You easily reach even external target groups and develop motivational learning paths for your sales team. You are pulling all the strings at all times. 

API management and tried & tested interfaces

Imagine your learning software could be integrated seamlessly into your infrastructure: Standardised interfaces facilitate seamless integration of the system into your IT landscape. APIs allow you to develop a learning ecosystem – optically and technically. Even content from content libraries such as LinkedIn learning is easy to integrate, so you can expand your learning journey.   

interfaces api imc learning suite lms learning management system
All Features
  • Learning forms
  • Content management
  • Organisation & User Management
  • Adaptability without limits
  • Technology
  • Smart administration
  • Compliance & certification
  • Mobility
  • Extended enterprise
Digital training

E-learning modules can be used in courses and catalogues. 


Seminar management facilitates organisation of face-to-face training. 

Blended learning

Combine learning formats and forms to create comprehensive blended learning experiences. 

On-the-job training

Bring learning into the workplace with the on-the-job training module. 


Leverage experience levels, points and badges to spark your learners ambition. 

Adaptive learning

Customised learning paths for each user accelerate learner success. 

Mobile learning

Enhance your learners’ learning experience with native apps for iOS and Android. 

Social learning

Users can exchange information in forums and give star ratings for contents. 

Microsoft Teams Integration

Make social learning a part of your learner's everyday life by integrating courses in Microsoft Teams.


Integrate learning content in conventional standards. 

Media formats

Use everything from files through videos to external learning offers. 


Customise catalogues for target groups to enable Netflix-like learning. 

Content marketplace

Expand your library through external offers, such as LinkedIn learning. 

Courses and learning paths

Combine learning objects in courses and create comprehensive learning paths. 

Resource management

Organise resources from rooms through trainers to catering. 

Virtual classrooms

Train your learners live and remote whereever they are. 

Feedback management

Control the effectiveness of learning events and analyse surveys. 

Testing & assessment

Determine your employees’ knowledge and review the success of your training courses. 

Groups and organisation

Map your organisation with a free group model. 

Role model

An open role model facilitates fine-grained rights for each role. 

Client management

Independent clients facilitate customised processes and portal designs. 

Tutor management

Users in the tutor group can control learning processes from the tutor centre. 

Skill & competency management

Analyse competency gaps and manage your employees’ job profiles. 

User merging

Merge multiple accounts for the same user without data loss. 

Automatic target groups

Create rule-based groups and let the system allocate the users. 

Custom branding

Perfectly align look and feel with your corporate design. 

Email management

Configure messages sent by the system in line with your organisation’s approach. 


More than 40 languages enable global learning. 

Client-specific system extension

The system can be extended on request without sacrificing release capabilities. 

Interface development

We develop the interfaces necessary for integrating the LMS into your IT infrastructure. 

Cloud & on-premise

Use the system in the cloud or your own infrastructure. 


The highest security standards through ISO 27001 and 9001 certification and compliance pursuant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11. 


Scale from 10 to over 1,000,000 users. The system grows with you. 

Artificial intelligence

A recommendation engine ensures that relevant content is automatically displayed to the learners. 

Interfaces & APIs

Seamless infrastructure integration through standardised interfaces and open API management. 

Data protection

GDPR-compliant structure, meets the strictest data protection requirements. 

Decentralised organisation

Define segment administrators and assign specific workflows. 

Expert view

Role-specific views allow focus on what really matters. 

Automated reporting

Generate and subscribe to reports containing precisely the information you need. 

Workflow management

Define workflows with different configurations to simplify course creation. 

Automatisierte Zertifizierung

Automate complex processes to certify and recertify your employees. 

IDD, Cicero, CME,..

Map time- and points-based certifications with the certification module. 

Escalation management

Automated escalation workflows facilitate efficient tracking of compliance processes. 

Audit trail

Mark objects relevant for audits, and master regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11. 


Use digital signatures to trace all certification-related actions. 

Native apps for iOS & Android

Anywhere and anytime: The app synchronises with the imc Learning Suite and also works offline. 

Learning apps for Windows

Office learning at the Windows PC: The desktop app is available as an extension module. 

Responsive portal

The web portal based on responsive design can be used on all devices. 

ePayment Gateway

Offer courses and learning paths for a fee and automate payment processing. 

External target group administration

Also train distribution channels, suppliers or partners with the learning platform. 

White label clients

Generate a dedicated portal for each client – from design to the user journey. 

Learning Suite Pricing Plans

Flexible packages for tailor-made use: Choose the imc Learning Suite model that suits your situation.

Learning Suite Services

Consulting, implementation, conception: We support you in successfully implementing your learning strategy.

Personnel development
Sales qualification
Compliance training
Icon representing Retailer Qualification
Dealer qualification
mobile device
Mobile workforce
job application
Digital instruction
Service training

client retention rate

Clients who decided on the imc Learning Suite have remained loyal to it: Our client retention rate is 98%! The imc Learning Suite continues to rake in awards for the successes users celebrate with the learning management system. These are some of the awards we are particularly proud of. 

Awards und Auszeichnungen: Wir sind ausgezeichnet
Awards und Auszeichnungen: Wir sind ausgezeichnet
Awards und Auszeichnungen: Wir sind ausgezeichnet
Awards und Auszeichnungen: Wir sind ausgezeichnet

Discover the imc Learning Suite

Are you interested in the imc Learning Suite learning management system? Arrange a demo appointment without obligation. 

imc Biz Quiz quiz app Gamification Microlearning
imc BizQuiz
Make learning exciting with fun and interactive quizzes
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Increase learning with imc's gamified quizzing app

Icon representing Individual

Design company-specific quizzes for targeted employee training.

Icon representing Check
Employee qualification

Analyse results to identify your employees’ knowledge gaps.


Have business divisions compete against each other to spark your learners’ ambition.


Learning that doesn't feel like learning

The imc BizQuiz is an exciting learning game in quiz format which users can play by themselves or in competing teams. The game character sparks learners’ motivation and ambition and ensures long term retention of the transferred knowledge.





imc Biz Quiz quiz app Gamification Microlearning
imc Biz Quiz quiz app Gamification Microlearning

Tailored to your needs

The program’s visual appearance is aligned with your company’s corporate identity. You can create any content to ensure that the specific knowledge tested is relevant for your target groups.

imc Biz Quiz quiz app Gamification Microlearning

Funny quiz competitions with your colleagues

Have fun with knowledge quizzes either alone or together with your team and compare your score in real time online. Users can choose from a generous range of avatars. Creating an online competitive quiz  is very simple and you can play straight away.


Needs assessment and reporting

L&D professionals and team managers can use the software’s extensive reporting to review statistics and analyses. Identify the areas in which your employees have knowledge gaps and discover how fast they make progress!

imc Biz Quiz quiz app Lernspiel Gamification Microlearning
All Features
  • Playful
  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Easy

Chasing the top spot in the rankings sparks the learners’ ambition.


Knowledge gained through play is retained longer without feeling like professional development.

Strengthening teams

Have your employees compete in teams to strengthen their sense of unity.


Enjoy straightforward implementation without workarounds to overcome limitations of your company network.


The imc BizQuiz can be fully customised and aligned to your company’s corporate design.


Create quizzes that test the specific knowledge relevant for your target group.


It only takes a few minutes. If necessary, daily play time limits can be applied.

Immediately ready for action

The imc BizQuiz is quick to set up. The learning game is instantly ready.


Analyses highlight your employees’ knowledge gaps and training requirements.

Import function

Simply import questions and answers to create new quizzes.

Automatic translation

The imc BizQuiz can automatically translate your questions into all supplied languages.


The imc BizQuiz offers administrators comprehensive reporting on user behaviour.


Make learning more fun with imc BizQuiz

Are you interested in the imc BizQuiz? Arrange a demo appointment without obligation.

imc Learning Suite Packages
imc Learning Suite
LMS pricing models: See what works best for you

Tailored fit pricing for your LMS

Choose the ideal imc Learning Suite pricing plan for your current situation based on functionalities, flexibility and your preference for a cloud or on-premise solution.

Essential Version
Full Version
Unlimited Version
Essential Version

Ready in days, not weeks – the essential version of the Learning Suite is the perfect answer for straightforward e-learning applications. Pre-configured, quick to deploy, tried and tested.


  • Pre-configured set up
  • Secure hosting in the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • 99% availability 24/7
  • Custom branding
  • Defined role model (learner, tutor/trainer, line manager, administrator)
  • Switch to a higher-level model possible anytime
  • Up to 40 languages
  • Access to support and guaranteed maintenance incl. new releases


  • Unlimited course creation (e-learning and face-to-face events) 
  • Content management (media, SCORM, AICC, xAPI, PENS) 
  • Catalogue to map courses and media 
  • Mobile learning via native app (iOS & Android)
  • Basic reporting
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Recommendation mechanism for learners based on artificial intelligence

Technology / interfaces

  • Periodic user data import*
  • Single sign-on*
  • Connection to virtual classroom*
  • Sandbox for process testing*
  • GDPR compliant

Optional products

  • Authoring package* (content studio, templates, online training)
  • Off-the-shelf content packages*
Full Version

The full version gives you all the functionalities and services included in the essential version, plus the extensions and options listed below.


  • Customised configuration
  • Open role model
  • Open organisation and group management
  • Switch to a higher-level model possible anytime

Technology / interfaces

  • SCIM interface
  • Interface for organisational data import*
  • PayPal interface*
  • Globally distributed cloud servers*


  • Seminar management incl. resource management*
  • LTI interface
  • Unlimited numbers of catalogues incl. customised categories
  • Branded app (design and customised publication)*
  • Full reporting
  • 21 CFR Part 11 support / validation / e-signature
  • Testing & assessment
  • Feedback management
  • Skill & competency management*
  • Certificate creation via editor
  • Customised description data creation
  • Standard wording adaptations
  • Gamification
  • Client management with white label portal options
  • Email management adjustment / definition
  • Self-registration function
  • Recertification with certification overview
  • Social learning
  • On-the-job training
  • Time zone management
Unlimited Version

The unlimited version adds an on-premise option and customised software modifications tailored to your specific business processes to your operating scenario.


  • Cloud (dedicated server) and on-premise available
  • Customised extensions possible while maintaining release capabilities

Technology / interfaces

  • VPN*
  • Customised interface development possible
  • Sandbox for update tests*
  • Customised update schedule
  • LDAP*
  • Choice of server location

Request prices and further information now

Learning Suite Service Strategy
imc Learning Suite
Transform your business at speed

Partnering with you to create a digital training experience tailored to your needs

We help you implement a successful corporate learning strategy from consultation through roll-out to conceptual design of comprehensive qualification programmes. For long-term corporate success through an efficient learning culture.

Implementation & Consultancy
Training & Usage
Maintenance & Support
Customer Success
E-Learning Content
Learning Strategy
Implementation & Consultancy
Learning Management System Learning Suite Service Implementation

Implementation & Consultancy

Our experienced learning consultants support you throughout your successful implementation. We always focus on long-term and measurable corporate success by establishing a valuable learning strategy.


Training & Usage
Learning Management System Learning Suite Service Training

Training & Usage

With our tried and tested blended learning training courses, we ensure that you are introduced to system usage quickly and efficiently. We strive to facilitate meaningful, long-term utilisation that makes you and your strategy successful.


Maintenance & Support
Learning Management System Learning Suite Service Support

Maintenance & Support

We stand for perpetual development and multilingual ISO-certified support. We even include customisations into our release cycles, so you always benefit from new releases and the latest trends.



Customer Success
Learning Management System Learning Suite Service Success

Customer Success

Following your go-live, your customer success manager will always be at hand to support the implementation of your learning strategy. Together, you analyse the development of your learning culture, and create lasting value through learning that contributes to your corporate success.

E-Learning Content
Learning Management System Learning Suite Service Content

E-Learning Content

From a highly detailed learning portal through learning cards to captivating serious games: Our content team will find the best solution for you. Work with us to develop award-winning solutions.


Learning Strategy
Learning Management System Learning Suite Service Strategy

Learning Strategy

In addition to our portfolio of leading-edge learning technologies and customised and off the shelf e-learning content, we also act as a strategic partner offering support in the conceptual design and implementation of your digital learning strategy.



Learn more about our full service offer for your LMS project

Would you like to learn more about our consulting services? We look forward to hearing from you.



woman at desktop computer
imc Process Guide
Boost user performance and support your employees at the point of need
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Maximize your employee performance with imc's performance support system

Promote acceptance of all software platforms with process-oriented performance support. Enhance software use quality, reduce initial training times and boost business efficiency with the imc Process Guide.


Without limits

Support any software. From web to desktop applications.


Icon representing Easy Creation
Easy creation

Automatically convert process descriptions from records.

Icon representing Process specific
Smart processes

The tool recognises which process the employee is currently running, and responds to it.

performance support system imc process guide

The process guide is available as desktop app or web client. The content is available in the browser and on mobile devices. In addition to the traditional on-premise solution, the performance support system is also available in the cloud.

performance support system imc process guide

Process Guide authors can easily create content themselves, ensuring dedicated guidelines for each business process and even proprietary software.

All Features
  • Smart applications
  • System usage
  • Technology

The EPSS recognises which input field a user is working in, and shows relevant information.

Compliance support

Ensure that employees are completing processes from beginning to end in accordance with the guidelines.




As the learned processes are directly applied, the workflows are memorised.


Reports – such as compliance documentation – offer insights into user behaviour.


Helpdesk efficiency

Users can send screenshots directly to helpdesk personnel to receive optimal assistance.



Internal and external changes can be communicated efficiently through the Process Guide.



Whether MS Office or proprietary software: All applications are supported.


Content creation

Authors can create content themselves for different user groups and processes.



Automated process recording facilitates the creation of e-learning modules, videos and much more.

Desktop and online guide

User guidance is provided on the Windows client and as an online guide.

On-premise and cloud

Available as on-premise and cloud version.


Discover the performance support system

Are you interested in the imc Process Guide electronic performance support system? We are happy to advise you without obligation in a consultancy meeting.

imc content studio authoring tool
imc Content Studio
Smart choice for smart authors
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The best authoring tool to create amazing e-learning content

Creating premium learning content has never been that easy - without having any programming skills. The imc Content Studio authoring tool offers multiple functions to turn e-learning into an exciting experience.


Icon representing Intuitive

Feeling like a pro even if you're a beginner: it's intuitive, familiar and easy to use


Responsive to every mobile device

Icon representing Effective Quality

From zero to amazing: create your course with the most beautiful, high-quality templates and drafts


Any course you can imagine

Create entertaining e-learning content from a range of media formats, including texts, images, videos, tests and screen recordings.

imc content studio authoring tool
Compliance Training
e-learning content
e-learning content
Prozess- und Projektmanagement

Everything you need to create e-learning easily

Authoring has never been this easy!  imc Content Studio is simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts and power-users. Controls that are similar to Microsoft applications allow users to get their courses designed and produced quickly.

authoring tool Autorentool imc Content Studio
Content Studio Authoring Tool

Jump right in

We help you get started: Our training is perfectly tailored to you and includes didactics advise to introduce you to the world of e-learning content creation. At your request, we will also create templates and style guides perfectly tailored to your corporate brand. Your learning content will be up and running in no time.


E-learning without limits

Deliver flexible and scalable content to every device.  All modern browsers on Windows and MacOS platforms are supported. The right format will be automatically produced by the authoring tool.

imc content studio authoring tool
All Features
  • Operation
  • Templates
  • Interactivity
  • Exports

As easy as PowerPoint. Easy enough for new designers, powerful enough for experts.


Your learning content output looks exactly the way you created it.


Media formats

Integrate text, videos, tests, certificates and screen recordings.



Provide training courses in more than 40 languages.



Media formats such as videos are automatically converted for online use. 

Countless templates

Choose from professionally designed, ready-to-go slide templates with different design and color themes.

PowerPoint import

Import existing PowerPoint presentations to edit them as needed.

Automatically optimised

All media is automatically analysed and optimised for the relevant devices.

Give it a voice

Create realistic speaker voices with speech synthesis.

Numerous question types

Choose from multiple choice, single choice, matrix questions, fill-the-gap texts and drag & drop.

Complex tests

Create tests with several weighted question pools and individual scoring.


Use gamification by integrating game elements, such as memory games.

Learning paths

Depending on the learners’ performance, chapters can be blocked, skipped or repeated.

On all systems

All modern browsers on Windows and MacOS platforms are supported.


Universal usability thanks to HTML5 standard and SCORM and PENS compatibility.

Mobile learning

Deliver your content to everyone, everywhere.


Ready to start with imc Content Studio?

Are you interested in the imc Content Studio authoring tool? We are happy to advise you without obligation in a consultancy meeting including demo version.



Take advantage of our other services

Are you looking for strategic consultancy services? Are you still lacking the right content for your corporate learning? Great - We are able to assist you with both. As a full-service provider, we advise companies all around the globe on all aspects of e-learning. Our content team develops exciting content precisely tailored to your training situation.


E-learning content

From a highly detailed learning portal through learning cards to captivating serious games: Our content team will find the right solution for you.

Training strategy

Our training strategy consultants are your strategic partners for the conceptual design and implementation of your digital learning strategy.

man at chalkboard
Learning Technologies
We love E-Learning

Learning Technologies that boost your Business

imc Learning Suite

The Learning Management System that can be smoothly integrated into any training scenario and any learning ecosystem.

imc learning suite lms learning management system

imc Content Studio

The authoring tool for creating impressive e-learning content without programming knowledge.

authoring tool Autorentool imc Content Studio

imc Process Guide

Performance support for your employees, perfectly suited for all software platforms.

performance support system imc Process Guide
Innovation Labs

National and international research projects on learning and knowledge management.

fidleg mockup
Fit for FinSA
Be perfectly prepared for the new requirements of FinSA and FinIA in Switzerland.

Fit for FinSA



Banking & finance


195 minutes

11 topics





elearning FinSA
The purpose and goal of FinSA
Client segmentation
Precontractual information
Documentation and accountability
Client protection
Client profiling
Basic information sheet and prospectus requirement
Applicability of MiFID 2 in Switzerland
Appropriateness and suitability review
Code of conduct for client orders

With the introduction of new FinSA and FinIA regulations, financial service providers and their employees are facing new challenges. Targeted profiling and categorisation of customers, situation-specific advice, comprehensive documentation obligations are core requirements that legislators demand of customer advisors and other employees at banks. The modular, interactive training offered by Fintelligence, imc and Primecoach prepares participants specifically for the extended regulatory requirements. Learning controls and a comprehensive final test certify the learning success. The training is recognized by SAQ as a re-certification measure within the framework of the customer advisor certification at banks.


Request e-learning bundle now

Would you like to request the Fit for FinSA e-learning bundle, purchase group licences or clarify any further aspects? We look forward to hearing from you and will process your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We also produce custom content

Would you like to collaborate and create customised e-learning content that inspires your employees and is optimally tailored to your company’s requirements?

elearning compliance
Compliance E-Learning
Teach compliance policies in a memorable and easy-to-understand way.

Compliance policies




5,5 hours

7 topics




parts in French

Area of use


elearning compliance
Basics of Compliance
Antitrust Law
Information Security
Data protection incl. GDPR
Money Laundering Prevention
General Equal Treatment Act

With the Compliance e-learning bundle, your employees learn about the compliance policies and their impact on the day-to-day working environment in a compact and easy-to-understand format. The trainings create an awareness of the necessity of the respective compliance topic and illustrate the principles of the individual areas by showing case studies and exercises. The courses adopt didactic-methodical learning approaches.



Request e-learning bundle now

Would you like to request the e-learning bundle on compliance, purchase group licences or clarify any further aspects? We look forward to hearing from you and will process your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We also produce custom content

Would you like to collaborate and create customised e-learning content that inspires your employees and is optimally tailored to your company’s requirements?

custom content
Custom Content
Experience unique learning journeys

100% Custom Content

We have been supporting our clients in the development of extensive training projects and the digital learning transformation for over 20 years. Our declared objective: Training should not feel like training. As a full-service provider, we combine conceptual design, technology and analytics to achieve the best learning experiences – 100% customised.

Individual E-Learning Content E-Learning Agency

Inspiring and engaging e-learning content

Our concept designers, visual and motion designers, 3D and video developers, quality assurance, a learning consulting team and the project managers cooperate closely to realise the e-learning content requirements in your company. The advantage: long-lasting collaboration and all from a single source – for fast and smooth realisation of holistic learning experiences.


Customers and Success Stories

Individual E-Learning Content E-Learning Agency
Individual E-Learning Content E-Learning Agency
Our four principles
Create relevance

We provide your learners with relevant information exactly when it is needed.

Icon representing Reduce Complexity
Reduce complexity

We focus on core statements and prioritise clear navigation.

Icon representing Interactive video based learning
Activate learners

We give your learners an active role by letting them test real actions digitally.

Icon representing Holistic
Think holistically

We align different types of content and technologies with the overarching strategy.


We develop e-learning trends together with our clients. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, we can utilise a wealth of knowledge and insights for the different learning approaches and find the best combination for your company.

custom content
Blended Learning

The optimal combination of online and face-to-face training for maximum benefit. We help you find the perfect mix for your requirements.

Mobile Learning

Short and responsive training formats like learning cards facilitate a new form of microlearning – mobile, fast, efficient.

Mixed Reality (AR / VR)

Discovering real places and objects interactively – Using augmented and virtual reality allows learners to immerse themselves in new worlds.

Performance Support

Moving away from time-consuming training towards support with relevant learning nuggets in the moment of need – That’s the goal for the coming years.

Web-Based Trainings

Interactive media elements and realistic scenarios make your training come alive – Let us set new standards.

Video-Based Learning

Videos are an outstanding choice for immersive training content, illustrating and communicating emotionally charged topics.

Game-Based Learning

With our serious games and 3D map simulation technology, we open up a new world of experiences that the learners can dive into.

Conversational Learning

Just like talking to your favourite colleague: Interactive and personal training design supported by chatbots and virtual mentors.


We are ready for your training project

Would you like to collaborate and create customised e-learning content that inspires your employees and is optimally tailored to your requirements? Contact us without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

We also offer off-the-shelf content

Offer your employees a comprehensive ready- to-go training programme.