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Meet the technology behind the enterprise LMS

Flexible LMS technical specifications for all learning scenarios – robust, feature-rich, and scalable LMS technology

LMS technical specifications

More than just LMS technology

What are the technical specifications of an enterprise LMS?

This page gives you an overview of the technical specifications, advanced LMS technology and LMS features that power the imc Learning Suite. If you're interested in the business benefits of a powerful learning management system, visit our LMS product page.


The advanced LMS technology in a nutshell

LMS technical specifications - system requirements - functional requirements
LMS technical specifications

Full interoperability with a flexible LMS technical specifications

Designed for interoperability with third-party systems and vital business processes, the imc Learning Suite comes with comprehensive integration capabilities. You can connect to almost any third-party system, making your content transfer and system migration easy.


The platform offers both fully integrated connectors as well as plug & play connectors. For specific needs, we're happy to build a custom connector for you.

Modern open architecture - LMS technical specs

Our enterprise LMS offers meets the latest LMS standards. This includes an Open Web Services API and flat-file exchange protocols for secure data transfer.  Support is provided for user authentication and provisioning over industry standards. A range of third-party apps and tools enable extension of the system functionality and content exchange using learning industry LMS standards, including SCORM and LTI. In terms of system requirements, the imc Learning Suite offers you the technical specifications for a best-in-class implementation.

Reliable scalability to meet any enterprise LMS requirements

The scalable and robust design of the platform ensures seamless performance even with a high number of learners, trainings, languages, and markets. Regardless of the system load, users will have a flawless experience with no slowdowns or tedious click-and-wait moments. This unparalleled performance not only boosts user satisfaction but also drastically reduces the need for support calls.


Customer success story: STIHL trains 20,000 employees and 50,000+ dealers across 160 countries.


One LMS with advanced features to unify fragmented learning landscapes

Consolidating a distributed learning landscape can pose challenges for IT managers. The presence of multiple learning management systems not only impacts budgets, but also diminishes your capacity to provide high-quality technical support for each system. The imc Learning Suite is a centralised solution with fully flexible technical specifications to allow you to assign access rights on a granular basis for effortless administrative and regional independence.

Enterprise-grade security in line with your system requirements

We implement trusted security measures on the imc Learning Suite, including regular external penetration tests to meet your LMS requirements. Data in transit is fully encrypted to ensure its confidentiality. Data at rest is also encrypted and safeguarded through physical access control measures in compliance with CSA CCM v3.0, SSAE-16 / ISAE 3402, and other industry standards. Our adherence to GDPR regulation guarantees the protection and privacy of user data. We have obtained ISO 27001 certification, which further emphasises our commitment to maintaining the highest level of information security.


LMS product updates - raising industry standards

At the core of our innovation philosophy is the commitment to continuously invest around a quarter of the imc Learning Suite revenue back into research and development. This investment leads to four innovation packs per year, each one bringing a range of new LMS features, performance updates, and enhancements to existing functions. Our aim is to constantly improve our platform and provide our users with the best experience possible. With these regular updates, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Customer testimonials

Hans Grohe logo
"Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice."
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
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"We are thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side."
Philipp Terstesse
Manager Global Trade Marketing
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"imc allowed us to create a learning platform for over 50,000 people."
Hayley Roach
Workforce Training Manager
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

LMS technical specifications: FAQ

What's an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. This is a software application for managing and delivering educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The imc Learning Suite is a comprehensive learning management system designed to facilitate corporate training and development. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to create, deliver, and manage online learning content effectively.

What's the difference between an LMS, LXP, and Learning Suite?

Traditionally, the LMS has been used to deliver top-down training, while the LXP is focused on bottom-up or ‘pull’ learning. Essentially, a Learning Suite is a combination of the two. It combines the advanced learning management features of an LMS and the user experience of an LXP.

What are the full technical specifications of the LMS?

Get in touch with us for more detailed technical specifications of the imc Learning Suite on our website, including full integration capabilities.

Can the LMS be customised to suit our organisation's training needs?

Yes, the imc Learning Suite is highly customisable to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. You can configure and automate processes, and tailor the user interface, branding, and learning content management to reflect your company's identity and objectives.

Is the LMS compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, the imc Learning Suite is fully responsive and compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Learners can access training materials anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for on-the-go learning.

How does the LMS support blended learning?

The imc Learning Suite supports blended learning by offering a combination of online and offline learning experiences. You can create virtual classrooms, conduct live webinars, and integrate face-to-face training sessions seamlessly within the platform.

Does the LMS offer learning analytics and reporting features?

Yes, the imc Learning Suite provides robust analytics and reporting features to track learner progress, assess performance, and measure the effectiveness of training programs. You can generate customisable reports and dashboards to gain valuable insights into learning outcomes.

Is technical support available for the LMS?

Yes, we offer comprehensive and ongoing technical support to assist you with the full strategic implementation, continued updating, maintenance, and any issues or questions related to the imc Learning Suite.


Simplify your learning technology systems

Want to discuss the technology that enables your learning scenarios? Connect with one of our experts.

imc Learning Suite
The LMS for enterprise

Simplify your learning & development

with the imc Learning Suite

Full flexibility to meet your unique learning goals

Flexible configuration

Fully configure the imc Learning Suite to meet your unique training needs – whatever your enterprise requirements.

Scalable architecture

Serve an unlimited number of learners across all learner types – such as employees, distributors, partners, customers, and resellers – with an easily scalable platform.

Robust security

Tick all of your LMS feature boxes without sacrificing system reliability or security.


LMS technical specifications

Scale your training provision with advanced technology

Focus on scaling your training provision, serve internal and external learners, and deliver online, offline, or blended learning experiences, while managing complex learning scenarios informed by detailed learning analytics.

Fully integrate your training platform into your IT landscape

Easily integrate effective training into your business processes and third-party systems with streamlined management and joined-up learning experiences – hosted in the cloud or on premise.


man looking at cybersecurity aspects

Get peace of mind with trusted technology

Robust security and compliance are baked into the imc Learning Suite. Features such as secure user authentication, data encryption, and flexible access control create a safe learning environment, meetíng industry standards and regulations, including GDPR and ISO 27001.

Cater for all enterprise learner types

Train all your internal and external learners with the imc Learning Suite

Discover why millions of learners chose imc Learning Suite


learners at leading brand worldwide


global projects implemented

25 years+

of experience


customer retention rate

learners at leading brands worldwide
global projects implemented
years of experience
customer retention rate
imc allowed us to create a learning plattform for over 50,000 people
Hayley Roach
Workforce Training Manager
Birmingham Commonwealth games
Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the right choice
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
We are thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side
"imc allowed us to create a learning platform for over 50,000 people."
Hayley Roach
Workforce Training Manager
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
"We are thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side."
Philipp Terstesse
Manager Global Trade Marketing
"Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice."
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes

Take your enterprise learning to the next level

Connect with one of our experts to explore the benefits for your business.

Learning for
a sustainable future

How learning campaigns transform companies and pave the way for genuine sustainability
man holding laptop in front of foliage
greenery with target

Change starts with awareness

man holding laptop in front of foliage

Creating new awareness

The modern economy faces the challenge of placing sustainability at the core of its activities. Learning campaigns are a powerful tool that companies use to drive this change. They are not just mere trainings but initiatives aimed at profoundly altering behaviour and corporate culture.

woman holding laptop in front of foliage

How your company can benefit

Learning campaigns offer scalability, allowing companies to meet their specific needs and objectives. They not only focus on the awareness and commitment of employees but also enable clear success monitoring. The ultimate goal? A sustainable transformation in all areas of the company.

Your guide to sustainable transformation

This whitepaper provides not only insights into the theory and practice of learning campaigns for sustainability but also clear steps for implementation in your company. Use learning campaigns as an integral part of your sustainability strategy and meet the changing expectations of consumers, investors, and society.

Learning campaigns in action

Schaeffler's Climate Action Day

The Schaeffler Group is a leading global automotive and industrial supplier headquartered in Herzogenaurach.

Imagine all your employees being engaged simultaneously and wholeheartedly in the topic of climate neutrality. That's exactly what the Schaeffler Group achieved with their Climate Action Day: 23,000 innovative ideas worldwide in just one day!
Discover how a well-conceived learning campaign not only heightens awareness but also promotes concrete action and innovation.

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Schaeffler logo
“About 23,000 ideas – that was the outcome of Climate Action Day 2022. The feedback from colleagues from all around the world was resoundingly positive. The Teams chat absolutely exploded, and the engagement via social media was massive, too.
Hanna Peter-Regar
Senior Vice President
Schaeffler Academy

Dive deep

Shape a sustainable future through effective learning strategies.


Download the whitepaper now!

Hybrid onboarding

Arrive, stay and succeed
man waving at laptop
colleagues smiling

Same but different

woman working from home with infant on lap

In today's world of remote and hybrid work, it's crucial to establish an emotional connection with the brand as employee loyalty depends not only on salary and holiday days.  Our free whitepaper offers valuable insights into digital approaches that can help you become the employer of choice. Discover how to:  

  • Use effective learning channels to onboard new employees  
  • Ensure a seamless hybrid onboarding process  
  • Create significant value for your new hires  

Get your copy today to supercharge your onboarding! 

Case Study

Blended Learning at Vodafone

Vodafone’s purpose is to connect for a better world and drive innovation – as summed up by its “Together we can” global brand positioning.


person standing next to large screen of Vodafone training

The Challenge

Digitalising a five-day in-person onboarding workshop

At Vodafone GmbH, induction, orientation and training in corporate values for new customer service representatives used to take the form of a week-long in-person workshop. That was the case up until early 2020, when the pandemic came along and changed everything. Suddenly the company had to find an alternative solution. All of this learning content would be imparted by trainers in in-person training workshops. But once it became apparent that the pandemic was not going away any time soon, Vodafone decided to digitalise these training workshops.

screenshots of vodofone onboarding

The Solution

A blended learning experience featuring an interactive 3D map, learning diary and portal page

Together with Vodafone, the team of imc developed a blended learning concept called “Basic Customer Care”, or BCC for short. This new onboarding programme is strong on variety, comprising such varied components as a trailer video, performance cards, a four-day challenge, a learning diary, a central portal page and a “Vodafone Island” 3D map.

diagram showing percentage increase

Measurably improved results

Vodafone’s objectives were to achieve measurable improvements in training quality and increase the already very pleasing scores achieved in the metrics it typically assesses for all training courses. after each training course, Vodafone calculates the net promoter score – a commonly used metric that indicates how likely consumers are to recommend the product or service in question to others. Previously 82%, this score increased to an extremely pleasing 88% following implementation of the digital onboarding programme.

This is what you can learn from our whitepaper

Modern onboarding journeys

Learn how to enhance individual stages of a successful onboarding journey to retain new employees. 

Get onboarding right

Find out all you need to know to blend the advantages of analogue and digital training in the most effective way. 

Exclusive expert advice

Follow our team of learning experts' curated recommendations for each stage of the onboarding journey to achieve optimal results. 

Onboarding that your learners will love

Download your free copy of our Onboarding whitepaper now and discover how to inspire and engage new employees for your company in the long term. 

Global membership training elevated

Empower your organisation
with imc Learning Suite
map of the world
nrl logo
TAC logo



Global scalability
Reach members worldwide with consistent, high-quality content

Customisable portals
Multi-tenant & white-label solutions for distinct branding and personalised experiences

Robust reporting
Dive deep into real-time analytics, tracking, and insights for every member's progress

Seamless integration
Break integration barriers with effortless connections to third-party systems

global employees

Transforming membership training for a global era

Crafted for organisations with a worldwide reach

In today's interconnected world, membership organisations stand at a crossroads. The demand for uniform, high-quality training across various regions is paramount. Enter the imc Learning Suite—a beacon of innovation tailored precisely for this global challenge.

membership screenshot

Global scalability

We understand the complexities of catering to a diverse member base spread across different regions. With our platform, you can ensure consistent, world-class content delivery, regardless of geography.

mockup of LMS

Customisable portals

One size doesn't fit all. Especially when addressing global audiences with unique needs. Our multi-tenant & white-label solutions offer a level of customisation that allows you to tailor the learning experience, reflecting both your brand and the specific needs of your members.

imc analytics

Robust reporting

Informed decisions are the best decisions. Dive into real-time analytics and insights, tracking every nuance of your member's progress. Understand their learning curves, preferences, and areas of improvement to refine your training modules accordingly.

Seamless integration

We believe in breaking barriers—not just in learning but also in technology. Integrate effortlessly with third-party systems and ensure that your training modules work in harmony with your existing technological landscape.

employee using computer

With imc Learning Suite, you're not just adopting an LMS; you're embracing a partner committed to your organisation's vision of global training excellence.

Elevate your global training journeys

Embark on a transformative path with imc Learning Suite. Connect now and redefine membership experiences.

Elevating financial services training
with the imc Learning Suite

finance workers discussing finance



Global scalability & consistent learning experiences
The imc Learning Suite offers a unique capability to scale your learning and training processes across multiple locations, ensuring a consistent, high-quality training experience no matter where your team is based.

Advanced analytics and reporting
With comprehensive data insights, our system enables you to track progress, identify knowledge gaps, and optimize training efficacy, thereby driving strategic, data-led decision making.

Reliable, automated certification
As the only global vendor offering robust certification and automatic re-certification processes, imc ensures your employees remain compliant and up-to-date in the rapidly changing financial sector.

Elevating financial services training with the
imc Learning Suite

The financial services industry is characterised by a dynamic, fast-paced environment that demands constant learning and development. To stay competitive and compliant in a world where the only constant is change, financial organisations need an advanced, scalable, and integrated Learning Management System (LMS) that addresses their unique needs. That's where the IMC Learning Suite steps in.

Our Learning Management System isn't just any ordinary solution. It's specifically designed to counter the pain points and challenges that many financial service organisations face. Here's how:

person looking at financial graphs
LMS technical specifications

Global scaling of learning and training processes

Whether your organisation operates in one city or across multiple countries, the IMC Learning Suite can seamlessly scale to meet your needs. Our global approach allows for a unified learning experience, eliminating discrepancies in training quality and content across various regions. With our system, it's possible to consistently certify your workforce around the globe, ensuring everyone is on the same page, no matter where they're located.


imc analytics

In-depth analytics and reporting

Navigating the financial world requires a strategic and data-driven approach. imc Learning Suite doesn't just provide training - it provides insights. We equip you with comprehensive analytics and reporting features that can help you track progress, identify gaps, and assess the efficacy of training programmes.


man using finance software

Smooth integration into your IT landscape

We understand the importance of harmonious integration with existing systems within your IT landscape. That's why the imc Learning Suite is designed for smooth and efficient integration with third-party systems. Our solution ensures that your training system doesn't exist in isolation but forms a part of a streamlined, connected whole.

certification badge

Reliable certification processes

In an industry where quality and compliance are paramount, the imc Learning Suite stands out as the only global vendor that can create robust certification processes. This includes automatic re-certification, ensuring that your employees always stay up-to-date and compliant, reducing the risk of non-compliance.


Invest in Quality with imc

As a quality manager, corporate academy, or sales and service training department, your goal is to invest in a high-quality approach that drives business success. The imc Learning Suite is here to support that goal. Our dedication to quality and excellence reflects in every feature, making our LMS the ideal solution for your financial service organization's learning and development needs.

Invest in your organization's future. Invest in the imc Learning Suite. Unleash the power of knowledge today!

Revolutionising manufacturing training

Unleash the power of imc Learning Suite



Manufacturing excellence begins with superior training

Discover imc Learning Suite: The LMS shaping tomorrow's industry leaders

The manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly with the constant integration of advanced technologies, stringent quality standards, and international expansion. Staying ahead requires not only state-of-the-art machinery but an informed and continually educated workforce. This is where the imc Learning Suite becomes an invaluable tool for manufacturers worldwide.



Addressing the manufacturing industry's training challenges


1. Global scaling of learning & training

Whether your manufacturing units are spread across continents or you plan to expand soon, standardising training can be a challenge. imc ensures consistent learning experiences, no matter where your teams are located.



2. Tailored learning experiences

With our unique multi-tenant & white-label portals, you can customise learning portals based on different markets, regions, or even individual departments.


imc analytics

3. Advanced analytics & reporting

Don't be left in the dark about your team's progress. Replace inadequate reporting systems with imc Learning Suite's comprehensive analytics. Track progress, identify training gaps, and ensure compliance.

4. Seamless integration

Modern manufacturing units utilise various third-party systems. imc Learning Suite smoothly integrates into your existing tech landscape, ensuring uninterrupted workflows and reduced redundancy.


What sets the imc Learning Suite apart

Global yet local
imc Learning Suite is the only e-learning platform that offers global learning experiences with the flexibility of local responsibilities. This means central guidance with the adaptability of localised content and oversight.

Fit for every market & target group
Whether it's for your sales team in Asia, your partners in Europe, or your service team in the Americas, with the imc Learning Suite you can curate experiences that resonate with each audience.

Scalable administration
As your manufacturing business grows, so do your training needs. imc Learning Suite's scalable administrative options ensure that expanding your training programmes is hassle-free and efficient.

Your pathway to revenue growth

Investing in a robust learning management system like the imc Learning Suite is not just about enhancing your training processes—it's about ensuring long-term revenue growth. By equipping your teams with the knowledge and skills they need, you empower them to be more productive, reduce errors, and drive innovation.


Unlock the future of manufacturing training today!

Don't let your teams fall behind. Connect with us now and elevate your training experience with imc Learning Suite.

Transform your enterprise learning journeys

The imc Learning Suite for
the pharmaceutical industry
scientist looking through microscope



Global scalability
Streamline and standardise training across geographies in the complex healthcare sector.

Precision analytics
Utilise data to enhance compliance and efficiency in critical healthcare learning processes.

Smooth integration
Seamless compatibility with existing healthcare systems, reducing administrative overheads.

Optimise pharmaceutical industry learning
with imc Learning Suite

In an industry as dynamic and regulated as pharmaceuticals, continuous learning and development are not just beneficial, they are critical. Compliance requirements, product updates, research findings, and sales techniques - all these areas require ongoing training and development. The imc Learning Suite, our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), is designed to address these unique challenges.

pharmacist at computer
mobile screen with world circling it

Global scaling of learning & training processes

In the pharmaceutical industry, managing and scaling learning and training processes across multiple geographical locations is a significant challenge. Ensuring consistency and quality in learning content can be an uphill battle.


Solution: Scale effortlessly with imc Learning Suite

The imc Learning Suite is built for scalability. Whether you have learners in one country or across different continents, our system ensures consistent and high-quality training. Leverage the power of digital learning to create, manage, and track global learning and training processes with ease.

imc analytics

Poor reporting and lack of analytics

In the absence of robust reporting and analytics, it's challenging to measure the effectiveness of learning initiatives. Not knowing whether your training programmes are hitting the mark can lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Solution: Powerful analytics with imc Learning Suite

Our LMS comes equipped with advanced analytics capabilities. Monitor learner progress, evaluate course effectiveness, and derive actionable insights with ease. Drive data-informed decisions for your learning and development strategies.

Integration issues with existing systems

Integrating a new LMS with existing infrastructures can be a daunting task. A lack of compatibility with third-party systems can hinder the smooth functioning of learning processes.

Solution: Seamless integration with imc Learning Suite

The imc Learning Suite is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing digital landscape. Whether it's HR systems, third-party learning resources, or other corporate software, our LMS works in harmony with your current setup, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

The imc advantage: Reliable global certification processes


With the imc Learning Suite, we're proud to be the only global vendor that can create dependable global certification processes, including automatic re-certification. Combine this with our robust analytics, and you're empowered to drive your learning strategies with utmost confidence.


We understand that decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry - Quality Managers, Corporate Academies, Sales Training and Service Training teams - require an LMS that ensures efficient and compliant learning processes. And that's what the imc Learning Suite delivers.

Are you ready to revolutionise your learning and development strategies? Discover how the imc Learning Suite can bring unmatched value to your organisation.

PFM logo
"With the system and the documentation created by imc, we err on the side of caution during audits and save a lot of work and time at the same time in the process."
Hans-Heiko Müller
Team Manager Organisation Learning
pmf medical ag

Start your enterprise learning transformation today

Get in touch to discover how the imc Learning Suite can revolutionise your pharmaceutical training and development processes.

imc Learning Suite for healthcare

Streamline your global training
& learning processes
healthcare workers looking at tablet device



Regulatory compliance
The imc Learning Suite manages and tracks compliance training effectively, reducing regulatory risks.

Our Learning Suite offers flexible, on-the-go learning, improving completion rates and knowledge retention.

Customisable & scalable
With adaptable features and scalable design, the imc Learning Suite meets the diverse and evolving learning needs of the healthcare industry.

Addressing the unique challenges of healthcare training with imc Learning Suite

 From improving patient outcomes and ensuring quality service to maintaining regulatory compliance and professional development, the challenges are immense and multi-faceted.


Whether you're a Quality Manager, Corporate Academy, Sales or Service Training professional, our internationally-acclaimed Learning Management System, the imc Learning Suite, is your solution to these challenges. Discover state-of-the-art healthcare training for your organisation with imc Learning Suite.

nurse helping patient

Easily scale your
learning & training

As healthcare organisations expand their operations globally, synchronising training and learning processes across various regions becomes a complex task. The imc Learning Suite is designed to meet these demands, offering a unified platform that enables efficient deployment of consistent and effective learning and training programs worldwide.


With imc Learning Suite, you can centralise your training materials, manage courses, track learning progress, and even offer personalised learning paths to your staff, irrespective of their location.


imc analytics

Transform your reporting with advanced learning analytics

Are you struggling with poor reporting and lack of insightful analytics? The imc Learning Suite turns this around with its powerful analytics feature. Our LMS allows you to track and evaluate individual and organisational learning progress with real-time data, making reporting a breeze.


The analytics provide detailed insights into course completion rates, user engagement, performance metrics, and much more, helping you to identify areas of improvement and align learning initiatives with your organisation's objectives.

medical staff using devices

Seamless integration into your IT landscape

Integration issues with third-party systems can slow down the learning process. The imc Learning Suite is designed for seamless integration with your existing system landscape. Whether it's HR systems, content management systems, or any other third-party applications, our LMS ensures smooth and efficient workflows.


Unmatched certification processes

As the only global vendor that offers reliable global certification processes, including automatic re-certification, the imc Learning Suite sets a new standard in healthcare learning and training. Our solution allows you to manage certifications with ease, ensuring that your team is always up-to-date and in compliance with industry standards.

PFM logo
With the system and the documentation created by imc, we err on the side of caution during audits and save a lot of work and time at the same time in the process.
Hans-Heiko Müller
Team Manager Organisation Learning
pfm medical ag

imc Learning Suite

Revolutionise your healthcare learning & training

Embrace the power of the imc Learning Suite and transform the way your healthcare organization learns and trains. Improve patient outcomes, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster a culture of continuous learning and development. Connect with us today to see how the imc Learning Suite can revolutionize your training and learning processes.

Assess the maturity of your LMS


Are you getting the most out of your learning platform? Complete a 5-minute 'maturity assessment' to make sure your enterprise training is in good shape.   



collage of LMS and health imagery

About the LMS Maturity Assessment

Does your learning platform align with your organisation's training needs and requirements?  


Whatever the shape your enterprise training provision, the L&D Maturity Assessment below will give you tips and advice on how to make more effective use of your LMS. Assess the vitality of your corporate training programmes, find out how to improve your L&D efforts, and get a free tailored consultation from one of our learning experts.