imc Learning Suite

Integrations for an enterprise LMS

The most customisable elearning platform for enterprise


Create the perfect integrated learning platform for your organisation

With various add-ons and countless connectors, imc Learning Suite is one of the most customisable learning management systems on the market. We summarised the most important connectors so you can find those that take your corporate learning activities to the next level.

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Connect your tools

Create a Learning Ecosystem with seamless connection between all of your tools

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Improved learning experience

Enable a diverse learning experience by including various formats

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Customise your LMS

Adjust the LMS to perfectly serve your organisations individual needs

Single Sign On with SAML 2.0, Open ID or OAuth

Allow for authentication of the imc Learning Suite with an SAML 2.0, Open ID or OAuth identity provider and enable your learners to log in to their LMS and all other company software with just one password.

User Data Integration Connector

The user data integration connector provides a connection to an external system (HR / Payroll / CRM Systems) to automatically create, update and activate or deactivate users in the LMS.

Organisational Structure Integration Connector

The organisational structure integration connector provides a connection to an external system for an organisational structure import using an imc provided SFTP folder and a CSV/XML file generated by your organisation.

Virtual Classrooms

Our numerous virtual classroom integrations allow for engaging and interactive live sessions with your learners. No matter if you use Adobe Connect, GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar or Open Meetings, we’ve got you covered. Download our factsheet to find out more.

Microsoft Teams

With our integration with Microsoft Teams, you can create Microsoft Teams groups directly from within the LMS and learners can access the LMS from within MS Teams. This integration takes your L&D offers to your employees’ everyday collaboration tool. Download our factsheet to find out more.

E-Commerce with PayPal and Shopify

Turn your LMS into an e-learning marketplace! Our PayPal integration allows for users to pay for courses via the PayPal payment gateway. The Shopify integration enables learners to pay via the Shopify cart and checkout functionality.

LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning integration provides the possibility to integrate LinkedIn Learning content offerings into the imc Learning Suite via an easy-to-use wizard. Admins can access LinkedIn Learning courses and add them to the catalogue or integrate them directly into their employees' Learning Journey. Learners get seamless access to the course variety of LinkedIn Learning and can edit the content directly in the imc Learning Suite. The learning status is transferred back to the LMS via xAPI. Download our factsheet to find out more.