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Resource Saving E-learning, by and for Employees

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The UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance groups in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.
It has around 21,000 employees and exclusive sales partners serving over 16 million customers across 18 countries.



Wanted: A sales training course that’s learner-focussed and quick to deploy

In the past, training at UNIQA was very hands-on and traditional. The training documents were created by individual employees who were experts in their fields. These courses often took many weeks and months to create. In most cases, they were too long and inflexible and they offered UNIQA’s teams nothing in the way of modern, digitalised learning.



The company needed a way of harnessing the knowledge of its experts and getting this to its sales teams. This was no small ask, given the employees in question are spread across 18 countries and many work remotely. The solution had to be fast, readily accessible, dynamic and highly efficient.

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Rapidly deployable, modern e-learning courses – created by employees and trainers themselves

As a trusted provider to UNIQA for over 20 years, imc was the obvious partner for building an online training campus. The campus is a digitalised platform that makes sales training and development programmes more accessible and efficient for employees. Digitalisation of these programmes means that employees can now engage in learning at any time and from any location.

To fill the online campus with content as quickly as possible, UNIQA implemented the imc Express authoring tool. With this tool, anyone can create training content quickly and easily. It was an instant hit with the test group (sales employees and trainers):


“imc Express helps us make learning mobile”


“The tool is very time and resource efficient”


“With imc Express, content can be created quickly and easily using AI”


imc Express: an easy-to-use authoring tool that streamlines learning

“imc Express is self-explanatory, interactive and multimedia-friendly. It’s actively helping us achieve our goals around voluntary and independent learning,” says UNIQA digital learning specialist Mario Kopic.


It does this by taking the hard work out of creating learning content and by delivering modern, interactive learning experiences. The resulting content, which can be accessed from any device, caters to different learning styles, whether visual or auditory.


In addition, imc Express allows course authors to collaborate on content – during the actual content creation process. No more time-consuming coordination and feedback processes.


The successful implementation of this project in Sales made people elsewhere at UNIQA aware of imc Express. Consequently, departments like Group Operations, Learning & Development and HR are now also making extensive use of the tool for their digital training needs. And what do these departments see as the main benefit of imc Express? Its intuitive usability. imc Express is easy to use, enabling experts to spend more time imparting their knowledge and less time thinking about the tool itself.

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Mario Kopic, Uniqa
imc Express is self-explanatory, multimedia-based and interactive.
Mario Kopic
Specialist digital learning