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You want to stand out from the grey mass of boring web-based trainings (WBTs) and inspire your learners with cool, creative and engaging content? Then you've come to the right place! E-Learning Punk is an article and talk series for all L&D Pros who want to dare something and believe that digital training has to be colourful and loud.

E-learning's not dead. It's time for

Every day new trends in digital training emerge - from game-based learning to mobile learning.

Every month we present a trend in an article, explain and give suggestions and tips on how to implement it in the company.


Every three months, we also discuss the latest and greatest of the last few months with experts in a talk session.

Illustration of a Hand showing the "Sign of Horns" E-Learning Trends


Cohort-based Learning: Learning Together Beats going it Alone

What does cohort-based learning mean? And why beats learning together going it alone? We have the answers! Learn more...

Leadership Training: When the Boss Takes the Learner’s Seat

Today’s managers are expected to have both subject expertise and good people skills. Subject expertise can be learned, obviously, but what about the people stuff – the soft skills?

Engaged Learning Through Learning Campaigns

In the same way, a good learning campaign should bring about a mind shift – ideally one that leads to concrete action. Sounds good, but how exactly? The answer is portals. They can provide a highly effective entry point to learning campaigns.

Hype or future: Will ChatGPT revolutionise corporate learning?

Hype or future: We have a look at what ChatGPT means for Corporate Learning

thumbnail punk readiness check
How Tinder and Netflix are shaping the future of learning

In a challenging environment, corporate learning will remain effective only if it is learner-centric and offers formats that are in keeping with learners’ other everyday digital experiences. This is important because learning providers are no longer competing just with other learning providers; they are also competing with dating apps, streaming services and social media.

thumbnail improv theater e-learning punk
Using Improvisational Theatre for Corporate Learning

Improv theater accomplishes what is expected of many teams on the job: they move safely through an uncertain situation by constantly adapting to new challenges, relying on each other, and acting spontaneously together. So it makes sense to use the method of improvisational theater in corporate learning as well.

Off-the-shelf content has come a long way from being an uncomfortable compromise

Individual or standard content - which should you choose? You should first ask yourself, "Is the training need or problem I have very specific? Or is it something that many different people in different industries need training on?"

The Power of Emotionally Intelligent Brand Training

Emotionality makes it easier for employees to identify with the brand. This identification has a positive effect on motivation and thus directly on daily work. Emotional brand training also generates brand ambassadors from within the company.

Diversity in e-learning content

Diversity in e-learning is clearly growing in importance. So, in this article, we have put together a summary of key recommendations for companies seeking to incorporate diversity into their learning experience.

Tips and Tricks for Using 2D Maps in Learning Design

2D cards are old hat? No! We explain the difference between a 2D and a 3D map and show the structure of a 2D map training and its advantages.

girl with mobile phone
E-Learning Content Trends 2022

Out with the old, in with the new. A new year brings new content trends that nobody involved in corporate learning can afford to ignore. Together with Falk Hegewald, Director E-Learning at imc, we are taking a look at the coming year’s crucial topics for companies.

Six vital modules for every digital onboarding concept

This concept turns new content and existing e-learning content into an exciting and creative digital onboarding, even without a learning management system (LMS).

Rapid Content Development

Sometimes things have to happen quickly: This also applies to the creation of digital training. We check why fast creating digital trainings is possible but risky.

Gamification takes corporate learning to a new level

The fact that Game Based Learning works as a motivational booster for e-learning is already rooted in childhood. We have summarized the most common types of games and practical examples of possible applications for you.

Digital Learning Journey

Reaching the destination with the right blend of formats: Digital learning journeys capitalise on the strengths of each learning format to create a motivating and activating learning experience.

[E-Learning Punk] Exploratory 3D Learning
Exploratory 3D Learning

Not only movies like “Avatar”, but also learning content can benefit from spatially compelling images. We explain the advantages of this professional development trend and present you application scenarios for 3D learning.

Learning with GIFs
Learning with GIFs

Social media is not the only place for GIFs. They can also make learning more vivid and entertaining. We have compiled the most important arguments as well as some tips for the use of GIFs in e-learning for you.

E-Learning Punk: Diversity in e-learning
A plea for diverse learning content

Diversity is increasingly becoming a hygiene factor in our working world. E-Learning Content Project Manager Kenny appeals: “The diversity you want must also be reflected in your learning content.”

[E-Learning Punk] Digital Fastfood
Digital rebellion or digital fastfood?

During the corona crisis companies are catapulted into the digital future. But how much of the current digitalisation efforts in professional development are really sustainable?

[E-Learning Punk] Virtual Classroom Preview
Rock 'n' roll in the virtual classroom

Virtual lessons are on the rise. Find out how the virtual instructions work, what you should pay special attention to and which providers offer virtual classrooms software.

e-learning punk: social learning E-Learning Trends
Social Learning While Social Distancing

Social learning is among the top e-learning trends in times of corona and social distancing. Discover three social learning scenarios in the business context and pick up specific tips for realising them.

E-Learning Punk: Photo of Jennifer Fritz, immersive learning expert E-Learning Trends
Immersive Learning during the Crisis

Immersion is one of the most successful learning methods. Jennifer Fritz, VR expert, points out the potential benefits of using Virtual Reality especially during this unprecedented times.

E-Learning Punk: Pictur of Wolfram Jost whos talking about KI Learning E-Learning Trends
AI Learning

"Artificial intelligence is already further than critics believe." imc board member Dr. Wolfram Jost explains in this interview how far AI actually is using illustrative examples.

e-learning punk: quiz apps E-Learning Trends
The quiz show phenomenon in e-learning

Quiz apps for learning? For sure! We will talk about the success factors of quizzes, introduce areas of application for quiz apps in companies and give you 5 tips for their use in continuing education.

e-learning punk video based learning E-Learning Trends
Watch out: Video-based Learning

You'll get to now the benefits of video learning and five major training video formats. Finally, you woll get tips on how to create training videos.

e-learning punk: gamification and game-based learning E-Learning Trends
Go for Game-based Learning

We talk about what lies beneath the trend of this playful knowledge transfer method. We explain why it works so well and present 3 application scenarios for learning games in the company.

e-learning punk: mobile learning E-Learning Trends
Mobile Learning Life-Hacks

Smartphones, Twitter & Co. are already part of our everyday lives. With our life-hacks you will create inspriring and engaging content that your team can consume from anywhere.

E-Learning Punk: Blended Learning E-Learning Trends
Blended Learning Recipe

Blended learning is like a balanced meal. In our interview instructional designer Malte Arends reveals his recipe for perfect blended learning, every time.


Talk sessions

Punky Talk #5: Sven R. Becker

Instead of focusing on trends, our E-Learning Punk 2020 Festive Season Special takes a closer look at the e-learning basics: What are the fundamentals companies need to have in place before they can focus their efforts on the latest digital professional development trends? Sven R. Becker, Member of the Board of imc, reveals how to build a solid foundation.

E-Learning Punk Talk Virtual Classrooms
Punky Talk #4: Dr. Fabian Kempf

Dr. Fabian Kempf is Managing Directors of Vitero, a virtual classroom tool provider. The highlight of the Vitero software is its user interface which depicts a virtual room based on the real world. Yet, Dr. Kempf is not a fan of poorly modelled 3D avatars. Find out why.

E-Learning Punk: Picture of Katharina Kunz, blended learning expert E-Learning Trends
Punky Talk #3: Katharina Kunz

Katharina, an expert for learning strategies, helps companies link learning content, systems and people to create a working learning ecosystem. She is appealing to those in charge of professional development to provide their learning offer in buffet form.

E-Learning Punk: Picture of Roman Rackwitz, gamification expert E-Learning Trends
Punky Talk #2: Roman Rackwitz

Roman Rackwitz has been involved in gamification since 2007 and has already been named one of the top 10 gamification experts in the world. In the E-Learning Punky Talk, he discusses game-based learning, quiz-based learning and AI.

E-Learning Punk: Picture of Karlheinz Pape, e-learning expert E-Learning Trends
Punky Talk #1: Karlheinz Pape

In this E-Learning Punk Talk, Karlheinz Pape, founder of the German Corporate Learning Community, talks about his favourite topic, self-directed learning, as well as the current digital training trends video-based learning, blended learning and mobile learning.

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