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Punky Talk #2: Roman Rackwitz

Gamification guru Roman Rackwitz wants to break down barriers

The second Punky Talk focuses on game-based learning, quiz-based learning and AI . We are hosting Roman Rackwitz, gamification guru and CEO of Engaginglab GmbH.


Roman has been involved in game thinking and gamification since 2007. He has already been named one of the top 10 gamification experts in the world. He describes himself as a naive optimist who rebels against the mindset that gaming were a waste of time. He wants to break down barriers and make games a natural thing, even in a corporate environment.


In the interview with E-Learning Punk moderator Vanessa, he talks about why failure is so important for our personal progress, why content is king but context is god, and why rewards should act as feedback – not bribery.


The interview was recorded live at LEARNTEC 2020 in Karlsruhe (Germany).


Enjoy watching!



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