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When enterprise learning doesn't feel like training at all

A new dimension of enterprise e-learning content

Training should not feel like training. As a full-service provider, we combine the very best in analytics, technology, and conceptual design to help you achieve superior learning experiences. Choose between 100% custom content and off-the-shelf-content that's instantly ready to use.


Our proven and award-winning content can help you transform your organisation's L&D programmes. Start fostering a culture of learning that maximises learner engagement and employee retention. Our team of experts will work closely with you to tailor the content and design to your particular training needs.



Custom content
tailored to your organisation

See the real impact of unique learning journeys. We create customised content that perfectly fits your business requirements.

  • Enjoyable learning experiences designed to excite learners
  • Learning journeys based on proven learning methodologies
  • Confidence in your learners' long-term retention of new knowledge
custom content
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Premium off-the-shelf learning content

Get to "wow!" faster than ever before with imc' s off-the-shelf premium learning content. Start quickly by offering your employees a comprehensive ready-to-go training programme. Select from a range of categories and options in our off-the-shelf content library.

  • Exceptional compliance training
  • Fun IT-security awareness training
  • Highly regarded industry-specific training

Enterprise e-learning content: success stories!

We are passionate about learning, and so are our customers.