Linde Material Handling’s gold standard in training

How a "City of Goods" game revolutionised employee learning.
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Two gold awards for a
serious game

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling

Linde Material Handling develops high-performance intralogistics solutions tailored to specific needs, enabling its customers to achieve long-term competitive advantages.

The company is one of the biggest forklift and warehousing equipment manufacturers in the world.


It has been setting the standard for industrial truck, fleet management, driver assistance system and service solutions for over 50 years. Linde has more than 13,000 employees worldwide.


Playful knowledge transfer

With its new, playful training, Linde Material Handling is pursuing two key goals: Transfer the necessary basic knowledge in the field of intralogistics to all colleagues worldwide, while raising awareness of challenges and improvement potentials in intralogistics among all employees.

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling

A virtual learning environment in the
form of a serious game

The serious game “City of Goods” developed by imc is set in a distribution centre and structured in five training stations. The learner takes on the role of a new employee, receiving a virtual tour of the warehouse.

They gain an insight into different roles and challenges in the workplace, such as high rate of packaging errors, storage space problems or unsafe working conditions. 


Each learning station comprises an entrance area, one or two rooms and an office. In the virtual learning environment, the learner communicates with colleagues and obtains first-hand information on the issues at hand and the areas that require action. The player earns points by finding the right solution. Once a certain number of points has been achieved, the player is given access to the office. Here, they must explain the solution they came up with and implemented, before earning a minimum number of points to successfully complete the station.

The game is presented in 3D to make the simulation as realistic as possible.

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling

Gold for “City of Goods”

At the 20th World Media Festival in Hamburg, “City of Goods” scored not once, but twice: The jury of the Television & Corporate Media Awards honoured the serious game with an intermedia-globe Gold Award in the Learning Programmes category.

To top it off, Linde and imc received the Grand Award for best submission in a main category.

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling
Target audience
13,000 employees
Learning format
Serious Game
Virtual learning enviroment