Transforming training at Eppendorf

Efficient training for internal and external audiences with imc Learning Suite
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Training internal and external audiences

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Headquartered in Hamburg-Eppendorf, Eppendorf AG develops, produces and distributes products and services for laboratories all over the world. These products are often used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food sectors.

The company is the world market leader in many areas of laboratory technology. Across its global operations, the group has more than 3,000 employees at 34 locations.


Knowledge acquisition in record time

Increasing legal requirements, fast global growth, more employees, a more extensive portfolio and a shorter time to market – A few years ago, Eppendorf AG faced all of these challenges. To fight these challenges, it required not only the employees to be trained but also the network of external partners and service providers to be educated. Only when this network of both internal and external groups (together the so-called "Extended Enterprise") is up to date with the latest products, services and developments, at all times, Eppendorf can provide the quality that it strives for. Time and efficiency are essential in this training process.


Mastering these challenges is even harder when old-fashioned and time-consuming training processes slow down the progress. This is where the professionally set-up blended learning concept within a cloud-based solution comes to the rescue. 

case study lms customer reference eppendorf ag

An open professional development concept

As part of an integrated e-learning strategy, the imc Learning Suite was implemented across the entire company as “Eppendorf Academy”. Hosting in the Microsoft Azure Cloud ensures virtually unlimited scalability and immediate availability

The objective was to systematically complement or replace existing face-to-face training courses with e-learning offers to create a blended learning experience.


The imc authoring tool Content Studio was chosen for the creation of interactive and multimedia learning content. 

case study lms customer reference eppendorf ag

90 % of users rate the courses
as helpful

In order to facilitate swift identification and rectification of gaps in the content, obtaining continuous feedback from the course participants was very important for Eppendorf AG.

The dialogue with the learners directly shows to what extent the learning content helped the learners perform their daily tasks, and where further improvements were needed. 

The participants’ feedback has been impressive: A staggering 90% of users to date rate the courses as helpful or very helpful.

case study lms customer reference eppendorf ag
Target audience
3000 employees at 34 locations
Learning format
Blended Learning
Cloud-based LMS and Content Studio
Photo of Dr. Dietmar Kahle
We are already seeing significant benefits in how quickly we are reaching large numbers of employees – irrespective of time and place.
Dr. Dietmar Kahle
Director Learn Management
Eppendorf AG