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How to combine content, strategy, and an enterprise LMS for success
Build the ideal learning management environment for your organisation

How to create learning ecosystems for long-term success

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Greater learning success

Exciting and motivating learning experiences and a good strategy lead your company to success


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A strategically linked network of learning content and software facilitates management and reporting

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Better communication between systems, tools, content and users allows you to react flexibly to new circumstances

The perfect learning ecosystem for your organisation

The enterprise LMS as the foundation for the learning ecosystem

In order for an LMS to function as the cornerstone for the Learning Ecosystem, it must become more open and be able to communicate with other systems, tools and content providers. Prerequisites for this are xAPI interfaces and compatibility with the LTI standard (Learning Tool Interoperability). Another plus is that it can be used as a headless LMS that can transfer content to other systems. In addition, the LMS as a learning platform should offer a good user experience to activate learners.

Learning culture and strategy

A well thought-out strategy and a learning culture in the company are the be-all and end-all of successful education and training. Without a good strategy, all measures will come to nothing. Without an active learning culture, your learning content will not be heard. Therefore, you should definitely consider which goals you are pursuing, which tools are best suited for this and how to activate and motivate your learners. As support, we therefore also offer strategic advice.

Create and integrate learning content

The supply of digital learning content has grown rapidly recently due to the pandemic. There are numerous content libraries, such as LinkedIn Learning, which offer thousands of pieces of content on many different topics. Integrating such libraries can add real value for your learners. Another good measure is the integration of easy-to-use authoring tools such as imc Express, which can be launched from the LMS and allow all users to quickly and easily digitise their knowledge for others.

What tools and systems do you really need?

There are many tools that can be integrated into an LMS - from virtual classrooms to collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams to proctoring services like Examity. There are also HR systems and learning experience portals that can be connected to the LMS. Which of these components makes sense for you depends on your individual situation. In our whitepaper you can find out which components offer which added value.

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