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Conversational learning
More effective learning with chatbots
Rethinking conversational learning

How chatbot use has a positive impact on our learning behaviour

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Increased motivation

Self-directed learning creates a motivation high among employees.


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Greater time savings

The content of a one-hour lecture can be conveyed within ten minutes.

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Stronger retention

New knowledge is retained better if it’s available quickly and presented appropriately


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Achieving learning objectives with chatbots

By using chatbots, the conversational learning principle can be transferred to digital professional development. The bots are capable of taking on the role of a real conversation partner. That makes this learning experience comparable to one-to-one tuition – for every employee.


Chatbots act in dialogue, similar to teachers and students. A chatbot allows learners to ask questions and obtain answers directly. Questions can be asked until the personal learning objective has been achieved.

Serving small learning nuggets to keep the motivation alive

When employees are seeking information, search engines like Google, YouTube or Wikis are often their first port of call. Chatbots work along similar lines: Learners looking for a solution to a problem enter their question in the chat.


Given that conversational learning is always served in nuggets, it’s easier to digest, understand and retain. This also has a positive impact on the employees’ motivation and thirst for exploration.

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Poor onboarding is preventable

“Should I stay or should I go?” – New employees will often make that decision in the initial training period. They will often feel abandoned and struggle to meet expectations. This is where chatbots come into their own, serving as a contact to clear up uncertainties.


Conversational learning thus has a positive impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. Chatbots can also provide information on professional development topics. This helps employees feel that they are in good hands.

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Interesting facts on conversational learning


What makes chatbots ideal training coaches.


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