Fit for the future: a new generation of technical training

Find out how imc Express has had a hugely positive impact on the content creation process at WashTec. 

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Converting company knowledge into long-term training

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WashTec AG produces, markets, and services a full range of car wash systems.
The company was floated in 1997 and employs around 1,700 people.
Market expertise and targeted innovations have made WashTec the global leader in its sector with annual revenues of more than €350 million.


Capturing and retaining technical knowledge for the future

With history spanning decades, WashTec continues to expand rapidly worldwide. Recognising the imminent retirement of their highly skilled and long-serving technicians, Head of Technical Training, Raimund Birzele, identified a critical risk: valuable corporate knowledge wasn't being fully transferred to the new generation of technicians.


WashTec was already using a traditional elearning tool (a part of its content management system) But the tool was difficult to use and could only be setup and managed by a small group of inhouse experts." I was looking for a tool that everybody could use, not just a few experts."


WashTec were also looking to improve the experience and delivery of learning to their teams. Previously much of the technical training was delivered in MS PowerPoint, but Raimund recognised that knowledge needed to be in learner’s hands faster, in a format that could be accessed anywhere and provide a natural, engaging experience for all types of learning.


As a long-standing customer of the imc Learning Suite (our enterprise LMS), Raimund discovered the imc Express content creation tool as an early adopter in 2022. He immediately recognised that it was the solution to the challenge of creating a new generation of learning courses for WashTec technicians.

car being washed at washtec location

A new way of creating and delivering training

Raimund road-tested imc Express thoroughly and brought in head technicians at the headquarters, who responded positively. "It looks easy to use, we can use it quickly, we don't need to invest much time in learning how to use it. It's self-explanatory."


The many useful features of imc Express have enabled Raimund to transform the creation of Washtec's technical learning content. The training now focuses on short, targeted learning nuggets. The speed of the tool has also been a massive factor in this change. "The fact you do not have to spend time on formatting is a massive plus. The pre-set layouts are perfect, that's all you need, and you don't have to think about it."


Another feature that the team find ‘just brilliant' is imc Express's translation capabilities, allowing for spot-on localisations for many countries to be done in just a few clicks rather than weeks.


What's more, the team have found the ability to share learning content via a web link extremely useful: "..the person who clicks on the link always gets the newest version. That's perfect. That's amazing. That's exactly what we were looking for."


Exceeding expectations and innovating new processes

The choice of imc Express for learning content has had a hugely positive impact on the content creation process within Washtec. Firstly, the time required to create and deliver new learning content has been vastly reduced "we have saved at least 70-80% in time".


Learners at Wachtec have enthusiastically praised the quality of the learning materials, particularly appreciating the mobile-first learning nuggets, the natural-sounding audio learning, and, of course, the provision of learning content in their relevant languages.


With the time savings achieved, Raimund has been able to spend more valuable time mentoring and supporting other colleagues in the use of the system and delivering new learning more widely throughout the WashTec training ecosystem. "There is so much information in our company, and we just needed a system to transfer this in an easy way and that's where imc Express came in."

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"It's fast, it's easy to handle, it hits the spot. If you need to react faster, it's the right tool."
Raimund Birzele
Head of Technical Training
WashTec AG