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LMS Hot Topics

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"LMS Hot Topics" is a series of articles dealing with all topics related to Learning Management Systems. No matter if you are already a real LnD-Pro with years of experience in the support of an LMS, or if you just want to get started - there is something for everyone here.


Topics, trends and tools

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) and everything that goes with it is what "LMS Hot Topics" is all about. The latest trends and tools are presented as well as various application possibilities and best-practice applications.

Whether E-Learning novice or LnD-Pro, "LMS Hot Topics" offers a broad spectrum of topics, interview partners and practical tips and tricks.

Do you have a topic or an exciting use case that we should report on? Then contact us!

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Don't waste potential

Only considering your own workforce when planning staff training is short-sighted. After all, distributors and trading partners contribute to corporate success just like direct personnel. Don't waste potential by not training them.

Never file certificates again!

In an interview with a representative from the medical technology industry, we clarify how a validatable LMS significantly saves time and paper. Also, we discuss the pros and cons from a users perspective.

How not to break bad with validated processes in an LMS

What requirements must an LMS map for validated processes? And how does Breaking Bad fit here? Questions about questions not only the Pharmaceutical industry should think about.

Business Case: Why the gains from an LMS outweigh its costs

A Learning Management is far too expensive? Not if you use it in the right way! Even more: For most clients, an LMS pays for itself within a year. We tell you how to prove that with a Business Case and answer some FAQs.

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Learning Analytics: It comes down to the right questions

Learning must not be an end in itself, but fit in the company’s business outcome: More and more managers are demanding this. We therefore looked at how L&D managers can meet this requirement with the help of Learning Analytics.

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The everyday hero of work

Informal learning is like cycling and the everyday hero of work, says learning expert Nick Petch. Why it should be part of every company's learning strategy and how to implement it, he has explained in LMS Hot Topics.

LMS migration

How to: LMS migration

When a new learning management system (LMS) is needed, sound advice is hard to come by. We have collected tips from industry experts, and summarised the key questions and answers in our FAQ checklist.

AI in corporate learning

Around the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) are many fears, anxieties and uncertainties. But what AI in the LMS can do and already does is mostly still unclear. We explain the most important terms and applications.

Onboarding slightly different

Already today, onboarding can be integrated into an existing LMS. But this is hardly ever used. We took a little trip into the (near) future to see what a successful onboarding process could look like.

lms hot topics: stakeholder learning management system

Convincing stakeholders for an LMS

The success of introducing an LMS hinges on those responsible for the launch - and not under­estimating them. We have compiled some expert tips and a checklist to help you in convincing your stakeholders.

lms hot topics: software training

Stop boring software trainings!

Stop boring software-trainings! That is the mission of Sarah Hillmann, Trainings Specialist and Business Consultant. She has prepared a new way to train customers for using imc's Learning Management System.

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Courage to the LMS

Not only big companies should have the courage to go for a Learning Management System. In our interview Christian Mai from S&G Mercedes Benz, tells about his experiences with rolling out an LMS in a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).

lms hot topics: e-learning glossary

E-learning glossary

WBT, SCORM, Predictive Analytics, Blended Learning - uh, what? This glossary is for those who have felt lost in the e-learning jungle of abbreviations and technical terms.

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