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Topics, trends & tools
LMS Hot Topics

Topics, trends & tools all around LMS

"LMS Hot Topics" is a series of articles dealing with all topics related to Learning Management Systems. No matter if you are already a real LnD-Pro with years of experience in the support of an LMS, or if you just want to get started - there is something for everyone here.


Topics, trends and tools

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) and everything that goes with it is what "LMS Hot Topics" is all about. The latest trends and tools are presented as well as various application possibilities and best-practice applications.

Whether E-Learning novice or LnD-Pro, "LMS Hot Topics" offers a broad spectrum of topics, interview partners and practical tips and tricks.

Do you have a topic or an exciting use case that we should report on? Then contact us!

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Diary of an LMS

If an LMS wrote a diary - what would it say? We thought about that and share some tips for LMS professionals, told a little differently...

How much does an LMS cost?

We explain why good planning saves time and money when investing in a learning management system. And why this is similar to buying a house.

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Headless LMS – definitely not brainless

Have you ever heard of a "headless LMS"? No worries, headless systems, meaning systems without their own manufacturer-defined user interface, are still not very well known. We shed some light on the topic.

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Learning Ecosystems: A Universe of Learning

If you want to use a learning ecosystem successfully in corporate learning, the technical requirements must be right. Time to shed light on what systems have to fulfil in order to be able to meaningfully map a genuine learning ecosystem.


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