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Work at imc
imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Learning Nuggets - A little bit of knowledge
In our infographic we explain the advantages of Learning Nuggets and why they are ideal for teaching. (…) read more
LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 15 min.
The Ultimate eLearning Jargon Glossary 2024
LMS, LXP, SCORM, WBT, EPSS, CBT!? Lost in a world of e-learning abbreviations? In this list you will find the most important terms and abbreviations in the field of e-learning in 2024. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk ·
The quiz show phenomenon in e-learning
Quiz apps for learning? For sure! The current issue of E-Learning Punk deals with the quiz show phenomen in Corporate Learning. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk ·
Mobile Learning Life-Hacks
In the current issue E-Learning Punk we talk about the question of what lies behind the trend of playful knowledge transfer. (…) read more