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Facilitating first-class training in the global healthcare and life science sector


Equipping teams in healthcare and the life sciences with the right learning tools

In healthcare and the life sciences, employees must race to maintain pace with the ever-changing landscape. Like the rapid progress in diagnostics, medications, treatments, and guidelines, the knowledge burden on healthcare professionals can seem insurmountable.

But with the right learning technologies and training strategies in place, organisations can ensure highly skilled teams remain compliant, up to speed, and knowledgeable. 

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Deliver effective training

Improve employee performance through data-driven and engaging learning experiences that help knowledge stick.

Ensure your people always are up to speed

Keep employees up to date with compliance, process changes and new regulations thanks to streamlined and validated learning management.

See real impact from improved standards

Provide personalised and purposeful learning experiences that boost efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

Optimise talent development with learning data

Use intelligent learning data to deliver actionable insights for raising the potential of your organisation's talents.

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Knowledge acquisition in record time at Eppendorf

New elearning courses received a staggering 90% helpful or very helpful rating from Eppendorf's internal and external learners.

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Fully validatable learning management for pfm medical

Discover how pfm medical implemented a fully validatable learning platform offering 99% guaranteed availability, certification under ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, plus 24/7 support.

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Department of Health and Human Services

Simply sharing product knowledge is not enough, it must also be packaged just right to reach all learner target groups –  learn form a sophisticated blended learning scenario.

imc Learning Suite

A gamechanger for healthcare and life science training

The imc Learning Suite is a flexible learning platform for external and internal training. With validatable processes for fully auditable learning outcomes and options to manage online, offline, and blended training content, learning journeys can be fully configured to fit specific training needs.


The platform offers state-of-the art features for compliance, certification and recertification processes as well as powerful analytics, full integration, and customisable multi-tenancy branding and governance for different business units. 

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imc Express

Unlock the potential of your skilled experts with imc Express

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We offer a powerful solution for your elearning content generation. Make the most of the skills of your knowledgeable experts who specialise in the relevant subject matter to craft personalised courses.


imc Express is a state-of-the-art elearning content creation tool powered by AI. Automate 80% of your elearning creation efforts and save costs with smart translation capabilities and inbuilt layouting based on proven learning methods. 

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imc Studios

Customised learning programmes for healthcare and the life sciences

Achieve your healthcare training goals with precision and clarity by partnering with imc Studios. Our team of learning experts understands the training needs of the life sciences field.


Our experienced consultants will provide meticulous guidance in developing transformative and immersive learning programmes customised to your particular needs. We help you construct training initiatives that will captivate and empower your staff. 



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