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With IP 14.9 Shopify enters imc Learning Suite

Push notifications, open badges and Shopify interface: The imc learning management system is presenting these and other innovative features in the first quarter. Above all, the new features are promising an improved user experience.


Online shops were already booming before corona: The number of companies integrating a direct shop into their learning management system (LMS) is increasing. More often than not, Shopify is the platform of choice for the creation of such e-commerce shops.

That’s reason enough for us to provide an interface between the imc Learning Suite (ILS) and Shopify. In the latest ILS version, Innovation Pack 14.9, this interface can be booked as an optional feature.

But that’s not all! New features also include the following:

  • Portable open badges: The ILS can now issue standards-compliant badges. These digital badges certify skills and achievements, and are issued to learners when they meet certain criteria.
    The new function allows learners to access and download their badges directly, and upload them into an open digital backpack. From there, the learner can share their badge anywhere.
  • Attendance tracking via QR code: Personal QRs make it happen. Learners and tutors both save time on attendance registration and control.
    What’s more, tutors can compare the QR code information against the user information in the system, and make changes on the level of course progress or curriculum elements as necessary.
  • WBT import in xAPI or Tin Can format: The ILS now also supports these popular output formats to SCORM that are frequently used by leading content creation tools.
  • Push notifications for new learning nuggets: Administrators can now use push notifications to inform learners of any new or updated learning nuggets included in a course.
  • Improved effectiveness check: The effectiveness check – or 180° feedback – already included in IP 14.7 has been extended. Now, individuals from either side – course participants or supervisors – can give feedback on a course without the other party being required to do the same.

Michael Schlothauer, Head of Product Management for the imc Learning Suite, is confident: “We stated that our clear goal for 2021 was to offer an even better user experience. The focus is on our customers’ needs, and with IP 14.9, we have taken an important step in this direction. Especially the push notifications and the improved effectiveness check contribute greatly to targeted learning and ensuring transfer from learning to real-life application.”

More information

If you would like to learn more about Innovation Pack 14.9, please have a look here.