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Innovation Pack 14.18

Updates for imc Learning Suite: Improved on-the-job training and learning analytics as well as greater flexibility for certifications

With Innovation Pack 14.18, existing functions of the imc Learning Suite have been optimised. We have summarised the most important new features.

November, 2023

The latest update to the imc Learning Suite, Innovation Pack 14.18, includes some exciting improvements to existing functionality.

Highlights include updates to on-the-job training in courses that now support group work, greater flexibility in managing certifications and further improvements to the Learning Analytics module, including the ability to create reports directly within the LMS.

Encouraging collaboration through group learning

Previously, on-the-job training tasks within a course could only be completed individually. Each student had to complete their own tasks. With IP 14.18, tutors or trainers can organise participants into working groups to complete on-the-job activities as a team.



Certifications: More flexibility with tolerance periods

The certification module documents progress for approved certifications, for which the employee must achieve a minimum number of points or hours within a certain period of time. Previously, this period was fixed. Tolerance periods have now been introduced which allow the points and hours achieved to be moved to an earlier period. This provides the flexibility to recognise points and hours that the tutor was unable to accept until after the certification period, for example because the tutor was ill. Certification reports have also been improved.

More information

If you would like to learn more about Innovation Pack 14.18, please have a look here.