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Microsoft Teams integration for imc Learning Suite now available

Virtual collaboration and learning become easier with the
Innovation Pack 14.5


With more than 75 million daily users, Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular tools for virtual teamwork and video conferencing worldwide. The tool can be seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure of Microsoft Office applications - and now also into the Learning Management System (LMS) of imc AG.  With this combination of learning and collaboration platform, companies elevate their Modern Workplace to the next level.


Integrating learning into the everyday life of the employees and making it as uncomplicated as possible: this is the challenge facing many LnD professionals.  The seamless connection of the two systems now enables learning in the app that employees use all the time anyway to exchange information with colleagues, working together on projects or holding virtual meetings. "The imc Learning Suite will thus become even more flexible, effective and an integral part of a modern, digital workplace for all users," says Christian Wachter, CEO of imc, delighted with the new feature of the Innovation Pack 14.5.


Furthermore, the integration simplifies the collaboration. Amongst other things, learners can exchange and support each other directly in teams, for example, about course content, recommend or curate learning content.

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