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Unlocking success through the imc Learning Suite, the learning management system (LMS) of choice for enterprise 


Enterprise LMS examples

Explore examples of how organisations across various industries have leveraged the imc Learning Suite to streamline and enhance their learning and development strategies. From onboarding to compliance training, discover real-life examples of successful LMS implementations that have driven tangible results and empowered employees to excel. 

LMS example:

Discover how Jägermeister crafted a brand-focused onboarding experience that seamlessly integrates with blended learning principles. Explore how they turned the onboarding process into an engaging journey that not only educates but also inspires new hires. 

LMS example:
talent development

UNIQA Insurance Group exemplifies effective talent development through the imc Learning Suite. Learn how they nurture their workforce's potential, equipping employees with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a dynamic industry landscape. 


LMS example:
sales enablement

Join leading retailers on their journey towards unparalleled customer service. Delve into how they utilised the imc Learning Suite to empower their global workforce, ensuring that every interaction with customers is backed by expertise and excellence. 

LMS example:
membership training

Witness the success story of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. Learn how they efficiently trained over 20,000 users within the first 16 days of launching their learning platform, setting a new standard for partner and customer training excellence. 

LMS example:
compliance training

Explore how high-profile organisations such as the Department of Health Victoria leverage the imc Learning Suite to streamline their compliance training processes. Discover how these organisations ensure regulatory adherence while fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.