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How do I find the right LMS?

Would you like to implement or expand a digital learning strategy in your company or organisation? In the course of digitalisation, many people responsible for learning and development are faced with the challenge of introducing a Learning Management System (LMS for short). Still others already use a Learning Management System that does not (any longer) cover all the requirements of the company and would like to replace it. With our LMS Starter Kit, we guide you in four steps to the Learning Management System that suits you.

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Find an LMS that suits your company in the long run

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4 steps to your LMS

Our guide leads you to the right LMS in 4 steps

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Do you need a new LMS?

If you want to push ahead with a digital training strategy in your organisation, sooner or later you will stumble across the topic of learning management. Maybe you don't use an LMS yet, but still organise the training measures in your company in confusing Excel tables? Or you are already using an LMS that no longer meets the requirements due to changing needs in your organisation? Then it is time to look for a (new) solution.

What can learning management systems do?

Modern learning management systems offer numerous functions that make the organisation of training more efficient and uncomplicated and at the same time massively improve the user experience of the learners. In our guide, we summarise the most important information for you.

How do I find the right LMS for my company?

When searching for the right LMS, you will quickly realise that there are countless different solutions on the market. But if you take a closer look at your individual requirements, the choice quickly narrows down. It is therefore important to identify the needs of the stakeholders in your company and compare them with the functions of the solutions on the market.

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What happens after the decision?

Once you have decided on an LMS, the real project begins. How do I convince the stakeholders in my organisation? What needs to be considered when introducing the new software? This guide summarises the most important steps for you.

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With the free guide + requirements catalogue in 4 steps to success

With our LMS Starter Kit for download - consisting of a 4-step guide and requirements catalogue - you will find the learning management system that best suits your company or organisation in the long term. The compact guide leads you through the 4 most important steps for selecting an LMS and provides you with valuable tips. The matching LMS requirements catalogue is also intended to be a valuable decision-making aid in finding the best Learning Management System provider for you.

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