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LMS Business Case Guide
Get your LMS project on the right track from day one
LMS Business Case Guide

Convince your approval board with the business case for your LMS

The right LMS is a powerful tool for your learning and development strategy. Not only can it help your learners reach their full potential, but it can also boost your business success. However, at first glance, introducing a new tool may seem too expensive to your stakeholders. In our Business Case Guide, we show you how to build a solid business case and convince stakeholders.

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Free step-by-step guide to building your individual LMS business case

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Save valuable time

Includes templates, project charter, project plan and project sponsors

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Convince stakeholders

Show your stakeholders how an LMS can increase business success

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What does an LMS cost?

At first glance, introducing a new LMS can seem quite expensive. But when you look at the benefits and savings it can bring you, that impression quickly changes. And once your stakeholders understand how the LMS can increase your business success, they should be easily convinced of this investment. The key is to have a solid business case that explains all the benefits for your organisation.

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Where do I start?

So your LMS business case is about making the case for how a new learning platform will be successful and why your organisation should make the investment. But what aspects do I need to consider when building a business case and where do I start? Our LMS Business Case Guide takes you by the hand and guides you through the steps to build your individual business case.

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Get to know the BASIC method

We will guide you through the imc BASIC method and provide you with templates that you can directly insert into your next business case. The imc BASIC method comprises the following five steps:

  • BASIC – Organisation background and current situation
  • BASIC – Needs analysis
  • BASIC – Solution comparison and recommendation
  • BASIC – Proposed implementation processes
  • BASIC – Analysis of costs and benefits

Your project charter, project plan and project sponsors are also identified. This allows you to start implementation much faster.

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Get your free LMS Business Case Guide with project charter, project plan and project sponsors and convince your stakeholders of your plan to implement a new LMS.

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