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Flexible working models, flat organisational structures and new office concepts - this is already what the new working life looks like in many companies in times of New Work. We at imc have also recognised that it is worth trying out new ways of working. We want to use the opportunities of the modern working world and create something new.


In our background report "move!" we therefore take you exclusively behind the scenes at imc. Our goal is to establish a new working culture that focuses on the self-determination and flexibility of our employees. Join us on our journey towards a new working culture and experience the opportunities, challenges and successes from the classic working world to the "new working" of the future.


In exciting background articles, event reports and photo galleries, we show what modern working at imc means from now on.

Experiencing change together

What does New Work really mean?


The modern work of tomorrow means first of all initiating and fostering change.


We are in a transformation of the working world in which new professions are emerging, rigid hierarchical management styles are being dissolved and a human-centred way of working is being emphasised.


New Work describes this transformation of the working world, which focuses on self-determination and agility.

Milestones of the New Work Transformation at imc

One year of New Work is behind us, so it's time to take stock. Together, we look back on the highlights and milestones of the past year.

Office workover imc Australien
New Work – New Office?

New work needs new offices: That's why we have completely rethought our workspaces and redesigned them in just a few simple steps.

imc move good vibes move team in Australia
Why personal encounters and intercultural exchange are crucial for new work

We take you on a journey on the occasion of our 25th anniversary and show you why positive emotions, personal encounters and intercultural exchange are crucial for New Work.

Preventive Wellbeing for a Healthy Workplace

Time to talk about health! Here at imc, August was all about preventive wellbeing and mindfulness. We share some highlights with you.

Corporate Learning and Events, Team Switzerland
In-House Events and Corporate Learning: A Winning Combination?

Corporate learning and events don’t go together? Wrong! We have summarised the most inspiring formats with added value for the learning culture.

imc move interview about new work
Choosing Where We Work: More Space for Creativity with New Work

We are asking: After eight months of hybrid working, we wanted to know how New Work has changed the everyday working lives of our employees.

move article_Onboarding imc
Welcome on board - the new imc onboarding journey

No more boring onboarding processes! In the move! article we show how we at imc will also create a new welcome culture in the future with New Work.

move! Mental Health
New initiatives for (Mental) Health and Happiness at imc

Mental health is more important than ever: we show what new approaches we are adopting to promote contentment and health at imc.

imc New Work
New Work at imc: Shaping tomorrow's working culture together

In the move! interview, Kerstin Steffen reveals what New Work at imc looks like from now on and how a shared working environment is created with the best possible results for everyone.

imc move! communication and collaboration standards
It’s all about Communication & Collaboration

Hybrid working and global teams have fundamentally changed the way we work together at imc. So it's high time for us to ensure global communication and collaboration standards so that collaboration continues to work successfully.

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