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Is New Work Working?

Choosing Where We Work: More Space for Creativity with New Work

How our employees’ daily routines have changed after eight months of hybrid work

Home office or co-working space? Early riser or late sleeper? Lunchtime workout or more family time? New work has given us a lot of choice about how we structure our working day, with flexibility increasingly becoming the new normal.


Our experience here at imc is that people need a work environment that motivates, inspires, and enables them to perform to their best. They need a place of work that allows free rein for creativity and space for new ideas. Everyone has different needs, so work routines need to allow flexibility.


Enter hybrid work. Having launched our hybrid work model at the start of the year and given our employees flexibility in their location and hours of work, we thought now would be a good time to pause, take stock and find out what’s changed. Are our employees benefiting from the new work model? What work locations do they find best for creativity? What other changes would they like to see?  In our quest to find answers we asked four of our employees about their experience of hybrid work so far.

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Suwhathi Sutheswaran

Suwhathi Sutheswaran

Job | Hosting Engineer 

Works in | Saarbrücken 

With imc since | 2021 

Suwhathi Sutheswaran: Setting each day up for success with positive morning rituals

How has your working day changed since the introduction of hybrid work?

Since the introduction of hybrid work, we’ve had the freedom each day to choose our location of work, which I really like. We no longer have to go in to the office every day, or for that matter, work from home all the time.


Your preferred work location is ...

At home, definitely. I like working from home because I live almost 35 km from our office in Saarbrücken. It means I don’t have to get up early to catch a bus and train to work.


What’s your secret to productivity and creativity in the new work model?

My secret is to set each day up for success with positive morning rituals. Plan you day, be smart and set yourself deadlines that you can actually keep. Take regular breaks and be sure to reward yourself for what you have achieved.


What would you like to see happen going forward?

I’d like for the new work model to continue as it is, with the option at some point, perhaps, of working a four-day week.

Adam van Winden

Adam van Winden

Job | Graphic Designer 

Works in | Melbourne 

With imc since | 2019 

Adam van Winden: Little things that add up to a big improvement

Has there been any change to your working day since the introduction of hybrid work?

Yes, my stress levels are down. There’s a whole lot of seemingly little things that all add up to a big improvement in quality of life. Things like reduced travel time, not always having to make my lunch for the next day, and just the ability to attend to personal matters during working hours. They all make a big difference. I now feel happier and more relaxed thanks to the reduced logistical run-around and the ability to work stress-free from home and structure my working day in a way that works for me.


Your preferred work location is ...

Home. I’m much more relaxed at home. I can have music playing while I work, and I like taking short yoga breaks throughout the day and having fresh air and natural light. I don’t really like the air-conditioning and artificial light at the office.


And what’s your secret to productivity and creativity in the new work model?

For me, it’s important to reward myself with breaks during the day and spend time outdoors. That helps hugely with my productivity and creativity. This ability to tailor my work routine to my needs means I’m much happier and more relaxed.


Hand on heart now, what do you like best about the new work model?

The ability to sleep later in the morning.

Jessica Kliesch

Jessica Kliesch

Job | Instructional Designer 

Works in | Freiburg 

With imc since | 2021 

Jessica Kliesch: How planting virtual trees can help you stay focused in your work

In what way has the introduction of hybrid work changed your working day?

Hybrid working simply wasn’t an option in my last job, so it’s been a completely new experience for me. I’ve noticed that I feel more motivated about my work and more relaxed.


What is your preferred work location?

That depends on the kind of work I’m doing. If I’m just writing concepts or copy, looking for ideas, or setting up appointments with customers, then home, definitely. But if I have meetings, or need to finalise projects or meet deadlines, then I prefer to go to the office.


Do you have any tips for increased productivity and creativity in the new work model?

I find the app “Forest” great for motivation and focus. You can plant cute little trees, but they only thrive so long as you resist the urge to check your phone. I also recommend always keeping a notepad handy so you can jot down ideas whenever they occur to you (even if you don’t actually need them right there and then). And if you’re working from home, you should make time to chat to a colleague at least once a day!

For me, one benefit of working from home is that I can pace back and forth through around apartment when I’m solo brainstorming. I could do that at the office too, I suppose, but at least here I’m not disturbing anyone.


Is there anything we could improve? Anything else you would like to see going forward?

I’d like to see the hybrid work model stay. The positives outweigh the negatives, in my view, and my sense is that imc is moving with the times.

Eric Andre

Eric André

Job | Software Architect Web Applications 

Works in | Saarbrücken 

With imc since | 2021 

Eric André: Working exclusively from home? No thanks!

Eric, what has changed in your working day since the introduction of hybrid work?

Not a lot, actually, because in my last job I lived so far away from the office that I worked from home exclusively. Having said that, the imc hybrid model works better for me in one key respect: where online meetings were once the only option for direct social contact with colleagues, the introduction of the new work model means I can now meet up with colleagues onsite whenever I want to or whenever it makes sense to do so. In hindsight, I would even go so far as to say that working from home exclusively soon loses its appeal. There’s no social contact and no spontaneous interaction – unless you set up meetings specially to make it happen.


Your preferred work location is...

My patio, where I can look out into the garden.


What ways have you found to improve your productivity and creativity? Has the hybrid model helped with this?

I’ve always done best when I follow set routines in my working day, and that’s especially the case when working from home. I need movement and fresh air in order to think clearly. One thing that’s definitely helped with my productivity and creativity is the freedom to follow my own biorhythm: I work when my mind is fresh. When I start to feel drained, I can recharge my batteries by going for a walk in nature or just taking a short break and relaxing. I didn’t have this kind of autonomy in my previous nine-to-five office jobs. I would even say the change to hybrid working has made me more productive.


What do you like most about the new work model?

I really appreciate the trust that imc is showing in all its employees by offering such a model. I’ve also noticed that mental health means a lot more than just initiatives and seminars – I like the fact that it’s actively supported here.

Thank you all for your candour and for sharing your insights!

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