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LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 5 min.
How a validatable LMS significantly saves on time and paper
Seamless documentation and validated processes are central topics in some branches, such as the medical, pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. We clarify in an interview with our customer pfm medical how the documentation in an LMS can work. (…) read more
CSR · Reading time 4 min.
Unconscious bias: Critical examination of one’s thought process
The tricky thing about unconscious bias is our failure to acknowledge that it is part of human nature to apply stereotypes in our thought processes. An Interview with Vanessah Aurore Reck (…) read more
Reading time 3 min.
Digital Learning for a Remote Workforce
When the act of learning becomes a habit rather than an intervention, individuals and groups begin to adopt learning as a way of being within their role. (…) read more
CSR · Reading time 3 min.
Cultural Diversity - Working in an intercultural company
Our offices are spread across the world – across 12 international locations to be precise. Here, 49 nations are collaborating. Today, we will take a closer look at two of our offices. To this end, we met for a virtual coffee with Francisca Lim, Brand Manager at imc Singapore and Gijs Daemen, Brand Manager at imc UK. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 5 min.
From Mad Men to Math Men – the perfect combination of creativity and data analysis
"I love the combination of creativity and analysing data", says Marketing Brand Manager Gijs in the Job Slot Interview. Find out more about him, his all-time guilty pleasure and why he claims himself a nerd. (…) read more
Reading time 5 min.
Multi-tenancy LMS solutions
A multi-tenancy LMS is a single learning management system instance that serves various learner groups with differing training needs. Here we look at multi-tenancy LMS solutions, including a definition, the types of organisations that leverage them, and how imc can help clients to maximise their effectiveness to deliver training across diverse groups of learners. (…) read more
CSR · Reading time 2 min.
International Women's Day at imc Australia
The imc team across Melbourne took the International Women's Day as an opportunity to consider diversity, inclusion and equality. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk · Reading time 4 min.
Digital Learning Journey
Reaching the destination with the right blend of formats: Digital learning journeys capitalise on the strengths of each learning format to create a motivating learning experience (…) read more
Reading time 5 min.
Learning and Development - Driving Business Growth
Improving employee performance and achieving better financial results the primary objectives of learning in the digital era. (…) read more