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Reading time 3 min.
Human-Centred Design
With a human-centred design, an e-learning module will represent a learner's accurate work life, which will improve the learning experience. In addition, it will reduce the risk of creating textbook e-learning content that is not engaging and practical. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk · Reading time 5 min.
Rapid Content Development - when time is of the essence
We want things now: fast food, coffee to go, messenger services, online shopping … we no longer have time. Companies have also clocked onto this trend, and want to stay up to date with their training courses. An ever-increasing amount of knowledge is expected to be available almost instantly on various media while maintaining a high quality standard and staying within budget. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Why do we need digital lessons?
Digital lessons is here to stay, not only since COVID-19. We have checked some related numbers and present them in a infographic. (…) read more
Reading time 4 min.
LMS for Membership Organisations
As a membership organisation, what should you look for in a learning management system (LMS) in order to make your platform effective for current and future training needs? (…) read more
Reading time 3 min.
A podium spot with e-learning?
Training is not only essential for the professional athletes, but their trainers, referees and crew members also need continuous professional development. We tell you how that works with e-learning. (…) read more
Reading time 5 min.
Conversational Chatbot Learning
Chatbot has been used in e-learning content to create an interactive learning experience using informal languages and creative GIFs. Effective conversational learning with real-time response is one of the advantages of chatbot learning. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 4 min.
What number crunchers and financial heroines see behind the numbers
A faible for numbers, precise and detail-oriented, but with a sense of humour! These are great preconditions for working in the finance department at imc. Learn more in the job slot interview. (…) read more
Reading time 3 min.
LMS to train external partner networks
Train and develop your external network with a robust Learning Management System combined with curated e-learning content. Your investment in training your network will enable them to contribute to your business success. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 3 min.
Go-Lab premium: free of charge
Go-Lab is a web-based platform that combines interactive online experiments with classic classroom teaching. Diana Dikke, Innovation Project Manager at imc, has summarized the most important information. (…) read more