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AI in elearning
In recent times, AI's pervasive influence is evident across various domains, including work and daily life. For those tasked with developing learning content, staying ahead of AI advancements is crucial. With over 25 years of expertise in digital learning, imc offers a snapshot of the current AI landscape and its transformative potential in content creation and strategy. (…) read more
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AI in multilingual training: strategies and insights
As businesses continue to globalise, delivering effective training to employees across different languages becomes a crucial challenge. Here we explore how organisations can best navigate this complex landscape, drawing on insights from recent discussions and the imc survey into the State of Learning Technologies 2024. (…) read more
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Bringing football fans together
The UEFA European Championships 2024 are just around the corner, promising to unite football fans across the continent in a thrilling celebration of sport, culture, and camaraderie. While we eagerly anticipate the kick-off, it's worth taking a look at a recent event that set new standards in event organisation and digital learning: the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. This case study highlights how cutting-edge technology and strategic planning can ensure the success of large-scale sporting events, offering valuable insights for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024. (…) read more
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The growing focus on job-role-specific training
Aligning employee skills with organisational objectives has become paramount. A recent exploration into this trend - a key finding of the State of Learning Technologies 2024 industry survey - unveiled a significant statistic: 71% of companies prioritise job-role-specific training. Let's delve into the significance of this survey figure and its implications for the future of workforce development. (…) read more
Reading time 5 min.
Enhancing the learner experience: LMS usability challenges
In the realm of enterprise training , one significant issue that persists is the usability of learning management systems (LMS). Our recent industry survey, State of Learning Technologies 2024, shows a worrying finding. The survey indicates that only 31% of learners find it very easy to complete training via LMS, highlighting ongoing usability challenges. This blog post explores the reasons behind this low figure and potential solutions to improve the learner experience. (…) read more
LEARNTEC Special: Turbocharging productivity with AI
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Partners in Strength: The InspireHer Tandem Programme at imc
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LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 4 min.
LMS Rollouts: Theory vs. Practice
Things often sound far simpler in theory than they are in practice. Checklists hold out the promise of smooth implementation processes, but more often than not they’re all theory and no practice. That’s why our guide to learning management system (LMS) rollouts is more than just a checklist. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk · Reading time 5 min.
The Meaning of Future Skills
The world of work is in constant flux, shaped by technological advances, changing expectations and ever-new business models. Faced with this highly dynamic and uncertain environment, companies need to get future-ready to ensure they remain successful. (…) read more