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Lessons from the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games for UEFA Euro 2024

Transforming event organisation with a learning platform

The UEFA European Championships 2024 are just around the corner, promising to unite football fans across the continent in a thrilling celebration of sport, culture, and camaraderie. While we eagerly anticipate the kick-off, it's worth taking a look at a recent event that set new standards in event organisation and digital learning: the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. This case study highlights how cutting-edge technology and strategic planning can ensure the success of large-scale sporting events, offering valuable insights for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games: a blueprint for success

The Commonwealth Games is a beacon of international unity, bringing together nations in a vibrant showcase of athletic prowess and cultural exchange. For Birmingham 2022, the challenge was not only to deliver a seamless event but also to upskill a massive workforce efficiently. With over 50,000 employees, volunteers, and contractors to train, the organisers turned to imc to implement a highly scalable learning management system (LMS) that could handle the enormity of the task.

Starting from scratch under pressure

Imagine having just nine months to prepare an entire workforce from scratch. That was the reality for Birmingham 2022. They needed a robust, user-friendly digital learning platform that could deliver elearning materials rapidly. The goal was to create a system that would not only meet the immediate needs of the 2022 games but also be sustainable and reusable for future events, including the 2026 and 2030 Commonwealth Games.

Real success stories

Meeting diverse learning needs

The diversity of the workforce added another layer of complexity. The LMS had to be intuitive and accessible to individuals of different ages, languages, and technical abilities. The solution needed to ensure that every volunteer and employee could navigate the system effortlessly and complete their training efficiently.

The winning solution: B-Bright LMS and rapid elearning

Birmingham 2022's answer to these challenges was the 'B-Bright' LMS, a future-proof platform integrated with the volunteer management system, Rosterfy. This seamless integration allowed for easy data transfer and ensured that training was personalised and relevant.

photograph of football stadium

Blended learning approach

The strategy involved face-to-face orientation sessions complemented by online bite-size training modules. This blended learning approach maximised the limited time available for in-person training while leveraging the digital platform to provide continuous support and education.

Rapid content creation with imc Express

The imc Express authoring tool enabled the swift creation of engaging elearning content. Content creators could import text, add multimedia elements, and design interactive activities with ease. This tool ensured that training materials were not only informative but also engaging and accessible, thanks to features like automatic video subtitling.

Impressive results and future implications

The implementation of the B-Bright LMS was a resounding success. Over 50,000 users completed more than 85,000 course enrolments within the first 16 days, with each user averaging four or more courses. This high engagement level underscored the platform's effectiveness and appeal.


Looking ahead, the LMS will be reused for the next two Commonwealth Games, demonstrating its sustainability and cost-effectiveness. This approach sets a precedent for other large-scale sporting events, including the UEFA Euro 2024.

Lessons for UEFA Euro 2024

As we gear up for the UEFA European Championships 2024, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games offer several key takeaways:


Scalable and sustainable solutions: Investing in a future-proof LMS can streamline training processes and provide long-term benefits.


Blended learning: Combining face-to-face sessions with digital modules ensures comprehensive and flexible training.


User-friendly technology: An intuitive LMS can cater to diverse audiences, enhancing accessibility and engagement.


Rapid content creation: Efficient tools like imc Express can facilitate the quick development of high-quality training materials.


By adopting these strategies, the UEFA Euro 2024 can ensure that every volunteer, employee, and contractor is well-prepared to deliver an unforgettable tournament experience for fans around the world.

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