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Empowering 10+ million learners at UK and global brands

imc is a leader in elearning technologies with over 25 years of experience. As a full-service provider, we offer advanced training platforms, learning content, and strategic L&D expertise to help global brands achieve complex learning goals.


imc Learning Suite:
The LMS for enterprise

The imc Learning Suite simplifies work for L&D managers. This scalable SaaS platform optimises corporate learning with configurable training management. It supports complex scenarios and extended enterprise training needs. Tailor strategies and learning paths to your organisation, whether online, blended, or in person.
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imc Express:
Automate your elearning creation

imc Express is an AI-driven authoring tool that streamlines elearning content creation. Its smart automation reduces your content team's workload and offers instant design options. Localise content in over 70 languages with a few clicks. The user-friendly interface lets anyone in your organisation generate content in under 10 minutes.

Cyber Crime Time:
Interactive cybersecurity awareness training

Cyber Crime Time offers unforgettable learning journeys through engaging storytelling, gamified immersion, and animated content. This modular and immersive training enhances learning outcomes and retention by making complex cybersecurity topics accessible and understandable for everyone.

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Get in touch with our team in the UK. Our London office is located near London Bridge and the world-famous Borough Market.


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