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L&D consulting:

Tailored consultancy packages
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As imc, we help global brands make learning in organisations sustainably successful with our professional and technological expertise. As a pioneer at the forefront of new Learning & Development trends, we have a 25-year history of applying the very best learning methods in our L&D consulting. Our expert consultants help you to create real synergies from learning offers and technologies for holistic learning experiences and a concrete contribution to corporate success.


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L&D consulting:

Our strategic consultancy packages

Our four consultancy packages are built on actionable insights that lead to measurable business results.

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L&D Consulting: L&D Strategy

Your roadmap to sustainable successful learning in your organisation


Looking for fresh ideas to tackle your learners' challenges and foster a real culture of learning across your organisation? Are you losing the track in the jungle of technologies and trends? Our L&D strategy package evaluates your status quo with proven methods.


Together we develop a strategic roadmap for your learning offer, your Learning Management System (LMS) and your learning culture.


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L&D Consulting: Competency Management

Develop the skills of your employees


Use the imc competency management model to gain practical and individual insights into the skills and development potential of your employees and make them fit for the future.


In our consulting package, we support you with a lot of experience and best practices for a smooth and successful implementation.


L&D Consulting: Learning Analytics

Maximise your learning ROI


With learning analytics you get a better understanding of how learning happens in your organisation, what works well and what should be optimised.


Our proven concept looks at your individual situation and guides you specifically to a learning analytics concept that strengthens the success of your company.


L&D Consulting: Learning Experience

Empower your employees


Motivation to learn is crucial to the success of your training strategy. With our Learning Experience packages, we work with you to optimise the learning experience in your company. For motivating learning scenarios, a diverse offering and state-of-the-art technologies that meet learners and their needs.


We tailor your training to your business, so that more successful learning also makes your company more successful.


L&D consulting:

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