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Achieve your organisation's learning goals with membership training that makes a lasting impact on engagement, retention, and growth
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Successful training management for top-tier membership organisations

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"We're especially thrilled with the imc team, whose time, effort, and abilities have made this partnership a success."


"imc allowed us to create a learning platform for over 50,000 people." 

"The project was received incredibly well by the Board." 

Compliance training for industry leaders

"imc Australia has been instrumental in helping us to modernise NRL Learning Centre to a whole new level." 

Meeting the training demands of membership organisations with specialised learning tools

Membership organisations, trade associations and non-profits are increasingly turning to new training solutions: learning management systems (LMS), elearning creation tools, and strategic L&D consultancies.


With the growing trend of conducting business online, many membership organisations now rely heavily on online learning portals for imparting knowledge to their members.

Streamline member administration

Use an enterprise LMS, elearning creation tools, and strategic L&D approaches for effective member administration and training at scale.

Enhance training with a dedicated learning platform

Choose learning technologies specifically designed for the needs of large membership organisations to scale up the training of your members.

Speed up elearning content creation with an AI-driven solution

 Encourage active participation and involvement among your members with effective and engaging learning materials produced effortlessly inhouse.

Leverage powerful learning analytics across your membership

Customise your learning management, tracking and reporting to align with the structure of you member base.

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Runaway success at the Commonwealth Games

Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 trained more than 20,000 users within in the first 16 days after launching its new learning platform.

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Cultivating leadership culture at the Commission for Children & Young People

Discover how a Human-Centred Design approach enabled the creation of a meaningful training experience that responds, understands, and values the perspectives of learners.

A comprehensive induction at Green Climate Fund

Find out how the Green Climate Fund created award-winning learning experiences for its new starters thanks to a novel learning experience framework. 

imc Learning Suite

Scale your membership training

Our Learning Suite is designed for membership organisations and simplifies your management of member training, onboarding, certifications, CPD/CE, and online communication.


Discover how our state-of-the-art enterprise platform allows for global scaling of learning & training processes, multi-tenant & whitelabel portals, integrations, and powerful learning analytics.


Reach more members and expand your training delivery with a single learning platform instance to create distinct learning environments for each of your audiences.

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imc Express

Enhance the learning experience for your members

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 imc Express, our AI-powered elearning creation tool, lets you can tap into the knowledge of your subject matter experts to facilitate rapid and decentralised generation of your onboarding and learning content.


With imc Express, you can quickly create effective training materials and scale your elearning creation by automating 80% of your efforts creating engaging learning content. Ensure a seamless and successful learning experience for all your membership regardless of specific needs, language requirements, or global location. 

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Put in place the right training strategy

To optimise your training efforts, we help you implement a holistic strategy that encompasses boosting engagement with customised learning content, tracking learning, and evaluating impact.


This comprehensive approach enables you to succeed in your L&D goals. Empower your organisation and gauge the effectiveness of your membership training programmes. By embracing this inclusive training approach, you foster continuous growth and improvement within your organisation.



Looking for one-stop solution to train your members?

If you're interested in enhancing your membership organisation's training offerings and empowering your members with exceptional learning experiences, get in touch.