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Compliance training for industry leaders

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"Compliance training is always a tricky subject. For this WBT though, we received very favourable feedback from our employees!" 




"We are thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side."


"Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice."


"imc allowed us to create a learning platform for over 50,000 people." 


Spark excitement in compliance training

Compliance training is like a compass that guides your people through the maze of rules and regulations. However, just like a dull lecture, compliance training is often seen as a tedious task by employees.


To overcome this perception, transform these training sessions into captivating journeys that capture attention. By infusing compliance training with the spark of excitement, you can successfully captivate your employees and equip them with the knowledge they need to navigate the complex landscape of compliance. At imc, we're passionate about offering global industry leaders captivating compliance training that your employees will love.

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Automate your compliance training

Streamline your training with automated assignment, validation, and alert to scale and dramatically reduce time and effort spent on compliance processes

Tracking, tracing, and certification

Effortlessly set automated compliance training end points, implement escalation processes, global certification, recertification, and reporting. 


Create new compliance courses in matter of clicks

Generate custom learning content quickly and keep staff up to date with changing regulations, with easy modification of engaging on-brand courses in multiple languages. 

Exciting compliance training for lasting results

Transform compliance training into a vital component of your organisation's learning culture by creating engaging and informative materials that empower employees. 

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Audi's unique take on compliance training for 90,000 employees

Styled after 'Sin City', Audi's innovative compliance training captivated employees with its corrupt city theme while effectively teaching how to detect fraud. 

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60 training courses in just 1 month at Aprendio

Aprendio created 60 training courses in less than 1 month with a smart content generation tool.  

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The Commonwealth Games trains 50,000 in record time

A global sporting event delivered essential training to 50,000 users, with more than 20,000 learners trained within the first 16 days.   

imc Learning Suite

Streamline your compliance training

Training alone is insufficient without traceability and certification. This is achieved through a LMS that enables administrators to assign courses to target groups, set end points, and implement escalation processes, alerts, validation, and reporting.


The imc Learning Suite saves time through automation, reduces error rates and organisational input by automating learner reminders, and supports all compliance-related activities, such as global certification and recertification, for tracking teams' compliance status. 


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imc Express

Generate compliance training courses with ease

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Generate custom learning content quickly across your organisation with imc Express, the elearning creation tool powered by AI. imc Express helps you keep all your staff up to date within changing regulatory landscapes through effortlessly content creation. Modify courses across multiple languages at a click and empower your teams, departments, and subsidiaries with on-brand compliance courses based on inhouse expertise.  

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imc Studios

Explore fun and effective approaches to compliance

Mandatory compliance training is often seen as boring and tick-box exercise that employees have to endure during onboarding. imc Studios can help you convert compliance training into essential part of the learning culture within your organisation.


Take your compliance training to the next level with learning materials that engage and excite your learners, helping them to learn, retain, and implement up-to-date knowledge in their everyday work.  


Take compliance training to the next level at your organisation

If you're interested in enhancing your membership organisation's training offerings and empowering your members with exceptional learning experiences, get in touch.