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imc AG expands portfolio of solutions for schools

Welcome to the hybrid classroom: imc AG expands portfolio of solutions for schools

imc AG, leading provider for digital training and professional development makes schools fit for digitalisation

Saarbruecken, 02 August 2021

Today, imc AG is presenting its My Digital School programme, expanding its portfolio for schools.

It was already well-known before the corona crisis: Germany’s schools are lagging behind considerably with their digital equipment. However, schools can only be successfully digitalised if the right conditions are created, and teachers are trained in handling and utilising relevant media and learning content. This is why imc wants to share its experience from 25 years of corporate learning with schools and school boards.


imc has been cooperating with several schools for a few years, and regularly exchanges ideas with them. Thus, the obvious next step is to expand the offer and support schools around the world with the expertise gained in this field. My Digital School aims to help teachers and schools to design tailored virtual and hybrid models, and realise them in a meaningful way.


imc Board Spokesman Christian Wachter has been driving cooperations with schools for many years. He is very aware of the issues many schools face:

image of imc CEO Christian Wachter

Christian Wachter, Board Spokesman, imc

“For one, there is a lack of expertise like knowing how to use modern communication tools and systems. Moreover, relevant teaching and learning concepts need to be developed, given that digital learning differs from traditional lessons. Filming a face-to-face lesson or sending out an overhead slide in PDF format does not make it digital learning. Nevertheless, providing encouragement to take a step towards digitalisation is a matter close to our hearts. This past year, we realised numerous successful projects in schools that can serve as best practice examples for others.”

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With more than 20 years experience, 12 international locations and 300 employees, imc is the leading full-service provider for digital training. Experts in the fields of technology, e-learning content and strategy work hand in hand to provide holistic and customized e-learning solutions - worldwide. 1,200+ commercial enterprises, government organisations and educational institutes with over 5 million users around the world rely on imc's holistic and bespoke solutions.

Photo of Kerstin Steffen
Kerstin Steffen
Director Brand Strategy
Nina Wamsbach, Communications Manager, imc AG
Nina Wamsbach
Communication Manager