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Scheer Group companies winning three of the sixteen Gaia-X projects

Scheer Group companies prove to be strong partners, winning three of the sixteen Gaia-X projects

The award for MERLOT, POSSIBLE and Gaia-X RESCUE facilitates broad engagement in key flagship projects of the European Cloud Initiative

Saarbruecken, 02 July 2021

Gaia-X is a European project to develop a competitive, secure, and reliable data infrastructure for Europe, involving representatives from industry, science, and administration. The objective is to develop and provide applications that leverage the opportunities of modern cloud technology while guaranteeing data sovereignty for all users. Scheer Group companies and the August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute are now among the selected project partners for the Gaia-X flagship projects MERLOT, POSSIBLE and Gaia-X RESCUE.

Innovative and practical applications and dataspaces in the digital Gaia-X ecosystem receive funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Project partners must ensure the technological viability of new applications, as well as their economic feasibility and security. As the umbrella company for the Scheer Group companies, Scheer Holding has already been involved in Gaia-X since the autumn of 2019.


Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer

“Gaia-X is an ambitious project. It involves the development of data infrastructure of the next generation. This is the foundation for secure, transparent, and controllable data provision in Europe. Data economy needs this foundation to thrive. The key vision of Gaia-X is to make the value of the data obvious and tangible. Right from the start, making Gaia-X come to life and provide an experience through innovative applications has always been key for us,” Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer, Sole Shareholder and Managing Director of Scheer Holding explains.

The MERLOT, POSSIBLE and Gaia-X-RESCUE projects at a glance

  • MERLOT – ‘Marketplace for lifelong educational dataspaces and smart service provisioning’ – focuses on innovative developments in the education sector. Dataspaces and services with superior security are created, which can be accessed via marketplaces within the Gaia-X ecosystem.


  • POSSIBLE – ‘Phoenix open software stack for interoperable engagement in dataspaces’ – aims to develop an innovative and user-friendly cloud solution for the public sector. For instance, applications for the education sector, medium-sized companies and administration bodies are developed and implemented to facilitate secure data exchange.


  • Gaia-X-RESCUE seeks innovative data solutions for a smart fire brigade. It revolves around the collection, analysis, and distribution of data in rescue services, implemented via secure dataspaces in the cloud. inspirient GmbH, a start-up investee of Scheer Holding, is participating in this project.

“I am delighted that the jury approved of our innovative partners and ideas for the MERLOT, POSSIBLE and Gaia-X RESCUE projects, especially in relation to the public sector including education,” says Dr. Sabine Wilfling, Unit Lead Public Government, Scheer GmbH. “Quickly applying Gaia-X in precisely those areas across all regions is crucial.”

imc has taken the lead in the MERLOT consortium

Scheer Holding company imc AG is leading the consortium for the MERLOT project. The other consortium partners are: August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute, edu-sense gGmbH, Hasso-Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, IBM Deutschland GmbH, International Dataspaces Association e.V., IServ GmbH, Schülerkarriere GmbH, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, 1& IONOS SE.


Bechtle AG leads the consortium for POSSIBLE. The consortium partners are: August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute, Dataport AöR, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, imc information multimedia communication AG, Univention GmbH, 1&1 IONOS SE.


Safety io GmbH leads the consortium for Gaia-X RESCUE, which also comprises: Alice&Bob.company GmbH, Berlin Fire Brigade, Free University of Berlin, University of Applied Sciences, inspirient GmbH (Scheer Group), sysEleven GmbH.

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