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Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer receives honorary doctorate from Widener University in Philadelphia, USA

Honored as a visionary in modern business process management

Saarbruecken/Philadelphia, May 11th, 2023

Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer received an honorary doctorate from Widener University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 10th, 2023. This is his third honorary doctorate. He is being recognized as a thought leader in modern business process management and an innovation driver for flexible and resilient business models. The award was presented as part of this year’s graduation ceremony for Widener's graduates. In addition, Prof. Scheer was asked to hold the commencement speech for the young academics.

The ARIS architecture and method developed by Prof. Scheer have been used for many years in the Business School of Widener University and are also the subject of many lectures. The ARIS architecture plays a particularly important role in the master's program "Business Process Innovation".


Prof. Scheer was very pleased about the prestigious award: "I have been in close contact with Widener University for many years, which focuses on business process management in research and academics and emphasizes international networking. I perceive it as a great honor to now be awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa by Widener University."


In his speech, he emphasized the importance of teamwork, the different roles of team members and how these roles may change with the experiences of professional life. He ended his remarks by advising the graduates to always recognize their abilities and use them until the end of their lives. Offering them the credo of his life as they are about to launch their careers, he closed with "Never get retired!"


The university now known as Widener University was founded in Delaware in 1821. In 1862, it moved to Pennsylvania. Since 1972, it has been known as Widener University. Widener consists of four campuses with the main campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Widener's graduate programs include business, education, engineering, nursing, social work, physical therapy, and clinical psychology. In addition to its award-winning research, the university places a special emphasis on application-oriented education.

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August-Wilhelm Scheer, professor for business informatics, inventor of the ARIS concept and successful entrepreneur since the foundation of IDS Scheer AG, established Scheer Holding GmbH as a network of high-growth IT companies. Process expertise, high quality, innovative strength and focus on customer benefits characterize products and services. The close exchange with science and research additionally increases the innovative power of the individual companies and opens up new markets. As the sole shareholder of Scheer Holding, Scheer holds significant stakes in the network companies. Investments in start-up companies are made while at the same time emphasizing the entrepreneurial power of the start-up management.

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Nina Wamsbach
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