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More company success with Learning Analytics

Improve your company success with Learning Analytics

The new add-on for the imc Learning Suite allows to make the success of professional development measurable and visible. This has a direct impact on the success of the company.

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Making the success of continuing education visible and measurable has always been a concern for Learning and Development managers. Budget managers primarily see one thing: a high invest. However, how much training employees actually receive and to what extent it contributes to the company's goals and business success has been a matter of speculation until now.

This is exactly where the new Learning Analytics add-on for the imc Learning Suite comes in. Learning analytics applies logic and mathematics to learning data to gain insights that enable faster and better decisions to improve learning outcomes. In doing so, the add-on helps organisations measure the effectiveness of their training and development programmes. Through data-driven insights, leaders can identify skills gaps and understand how employees engage with learning materials.

This sound data can greatly assist in making decisions regarding a company's training strategy and can directly contribute to the company's success. It can also lead to better workplace performance, higher employee satisfaction and a better ROI on training investments.

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