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Innovation Pack 14.8

imc Learning Suite adds further value at the end of the year, especially for administering courses

The new functions of the imc Learning Suite will especially make administrators happy: the administration of courses will be simpler, clearer and faster. In addition, it is now possible to create automated certificates with individual corporate design.


Let the year slowly fade away? Not really our style! Shortly before the end of the year, the Innovation Pack 14.8 brings some new features to the imc Learning Suite.

Training management has now become easier due to the following changes:

  • Task list: with the task list you can easily tick off items and save recurring tasks as templates even when creating complex training scenarios.
  • Scale organisational processes: the Enrolment Form Manager allows an easier customization of the configuration settings for registration forms.
  • Test activation via PIN: with this feature, tests can only be started by entering a PIN. This ensures correct identification of all participants.
  • Certificate templates: you can automatically design all certificates to reflect your corporate style.
  • User panels: this feature simplifies the search for contact persons.
Der Vorstand der imc AG

imc board member Christian Wachter is satisfied: "By implementing these new features at the end of the year we have achieved our goal of simplifying the user experience for both users and administrators. We will continue to work in this direction in 2021.”

More information

If you would like to learn more about Innovation Pack 14.8, please have a look here.

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