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imc presents the awareness game 'Cyber Crime Time'

How a hacker views IT security: imc presents the awareness game Cyber Crime Time

Cyber Crime Time is a serious game that lets the learner slip into the role of a hacker, learn the most common cyber-attacks first hand, while understanding how to best protect themselves from them.

Saarbruecken, 06 September 2021

As of today, imc – the leading provider for digital training and professional development – is offering the new awareness game Cyber Crime Time. The game can be played free of charge for personal use.

Mobile data, free internet access and remote work make us flexible – and a target for attacks. Many employees know little about IT security, and often become victims of cyber-attacks unbeknownst to them.


Creating awareness of cyber criminality is key for memorable training. That is why imc developed an awareness game: to help learners grasp the issue while motivating them to dive deeper into IT security. Cyber Crime Time lets the learner slip into the role of a hacker. Step by step, they learn the most common cyber-attacks first hand. The learner – or hacker – gradually adds to their 'hacker toolkit' to obtain secret information through the employees of a fictional company.

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Sven R. Becker, Board Member, imc

“Protecting a company against cyber-attacks needs more than technical measures. The ‘human factor’ is one of the most important components of a successful IT security system,” explains Sven R. Becker, Member of the Executive Board at imc. “It is therefore key to sensitise each employee for the importance of IT security – and the most effective way to achieve that is by turning it into a game, letting the learner experience scenarios they can recognise in an immersive environment.”

Cyber Crime Time can be integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS) and added to the corporate standard training package. A personal hacker experience is also possible without LMS integration: The online version can be played on any device and is free of charge for personal use on a single-user licence.

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