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Change management: business leaders as the catalyst for change

In the latest episode of "The Learning Curve", host Kenny discusses change management with Gunnar Jaschik, the founder and director of True 11 in Singapore. Gunnar shares his extensive experience in change management, spanning over two decades and including roles in human resources and consulting.


Gunnar emphasises the importance of understanding desired outcomes and maintaining transparent communication throughout the change process. Effective change management involves engaging people early, keeping them informed, and addressing their concerns to ensure organisational goals are met. The discussion highlights essential components of change management, such as clear direction, transparent communication, and involving all stakeholders.


The conversation also explores common challenges, such as resistance to change and sustaining momentum, and stresses the need for continuous support and education. The ADKAR model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) is advocated as a structured approach, and the necessity of agile, adaptable leadership is underscored to ensure successful change initiatives.

Podcast Vol. 09 (2024) | Duration: 0:58:17 min.
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Gunnar Jaschik

Gunnar is the Founder and Director at True11, a consultancy that has educated and supported corporate leaders and teams in successfully driving complex organisational change and transformation for more than 20 years.

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