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Optimize your L&D strategy with the Learning Analytics add-on

Investments in good training strategies can massively increase a company's success. However, L&D managers often lack the necessary tools to prove the benefit of digital learning for their company or to optimize it at the crucial points. The Learning Analytics add-on to the imc Learning Suite enables you to keep an eye on the development of your KPIs and make more informed decisions.

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Ensure the compliance readiness of your organisation

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Identify learning needs and track learning progress and impact.


Demonstrably optimise the business impact of your training measures.

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What are Learning Analytics?

Learning analytics applies logic and mathematics to learning data to gain insights that enable faster and better decisions to improve learning outcomes.

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What’s the use of Learning Analytics?

Learning analytics help companies measure the effectiveness of their training and development programs. By using data-driven insights, companies can identify skill gaps, understand how employees are engaging with learning materials, and make informed decisions around their training strategy. This can lead to better workplace performance, increased employee satisfaction, and improved ROI on training investments.

How does the new add-on help?

The Learning Analytics add-on in the imc Learning Suite is a fully integrated analysis platform - including embedded Microsoft Power BI software and ready-made dashboards and reports on the most important KPIs. Of course, you can also create and customise dashboards and reports yourself.

Turn insight into action

Interactive visuals allow in-depth problem diagnosis, trend analyses and forecasts and thus an optimal basis for decision-making. The integration into the imc Learning Suite allows you to apply your existing rights concept to analysis data and to take immediate action by clicking on the report in the LMS when a need for action is identified.

Dr. Wolfram Jost
Improving employee performance and achieving better financial results is the primary objective of learning in the digital era. Learning analytics technologies link learning data with financial data to support employee performance and help achieve the defined business objectives.
Dr. Wolfram Jost
Member of the Executive Board
imc AG

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