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Impress your approval board and senior management team with our comprehensive business case framework for acquiring an LMS 

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How to successfully convince your stakeholders of your next LMS

Your 5-step LMS business case guide

Don't let lack of preparation and understanding be the reason why your Learning Management System (LMS) project fails. Get your project on the right track from day one with our free e-book to guide you through the business case process. 

Our BASIC business case method goes beyond simply justifying the needs for an LMS and helps you plan for successful implementation. Our guide covers the following steps: 

  • Background information 
  • Analysis of stakeholder needs 
  • Solution comparisons 
  • Implementation process 
  • Cost/benefit analysis 


Download our free guide now to ensure the success of your LMS project. 


colleagues discussing LMS

Top 5 tips for implementing your LMS project 


Assign change champions

Assemble a team of people to spearhead the learning transformation process with the new LMS platform. 

Communicate the value to learners

Adoption is key - learners need to know what's in it for them. 

Communication is king

A clear internal communication campaign is key to the successful implementation. 

Use a multi-channel approach

A multi-channel communications approach can reach more people, faster. 

Take it right to the top

Use a CEO introduction video to launch and promote adoption of the new platform. 

Get the ultimate guide to presenting your LMS business case

Download your free copy of our Business Case now and smooth your path to LMS approval with our proven five-step stakeholder engagement plan.